Active Adelaide

South Australians are active, coffee-drinking green thumbs who prefer spending time in their gardens to going to the pub. There is a high tendency for ‘healthy pursuits’ such as gardening and exercising. The survey’s results were especially heartening given the growing concerns of obesity in Australia. It appears that South Australians are heeding the call when it comes to the importance of leading an active lifestyle.

Of the 300 respondents, 90 percent said they either ride a bike, go for a walk or do some other form of exercise at least once a week. In addition to this, 57 percent said they enjoyed getting out in the garden. The survey showed South Australians were not only active, but social as well. With 56 percent heading to a café at least once a week, Adelaide’s latte lifestyle appears alive and well.

The survey recorded responses from participants over the age of 18 in the Adelaide metropolitan area during the past quarter, asking them to indicate how often they partake in leisure activities such as going to live events and exercising to playing video games and watching DVDs.  It appears that watching DVDs is becoming far more popular than going to the cinema, with 49 percent of respondents opting to stay at home to watch a movie at least once a week, compared to 8% taking a trip to the flicks. This may have something to do with the significant price difference, or it could be that people prefer the convenience of watching movies in their own home. 

The survey also found that South Australians were shunning live entertainment such as bands or trips to the theatre. Only 3 percent of respondents indicated they would go and see live music on a weekly basis, with 63 percent only doing so on a yearly basis or less. The results for live theatre were even more surprising, with 70% seeing a show no more than once a year. 

The survey painted a picture of South Australians who loved being on the go and enjoyed the lifestyle Adelaide had to offer. For a full copy of the report click Active Adelaide.