Different approaches in traditional media


When was the last time that you saw a campaign with a creative media buying strategy?

When I joined an ad agency in 2002, everybody was talking about integration of the different agency departments, how ATL and BTL should be synchronised and have input at the beginning of the project. That sounded very good but was not easy to implement.

Seven years later, I see [now from a client’s perspective] that in most of the cases, that model was not adopted. Media buyers still operate like this: they receive the communication material from the ATL creative guys and place the ads according the media strategy and the client’s objectives.

I saw this article about the promotional tie-in with Sports Illustrated to promote its annual S. I. Swimsuit Edition and this brought to my mind a couple of good executions of ad, logo or product placements that have created word of mouth and editorial coverage.

First was the massive condom placed on the Buenos Aires obelisk for the world’s AIDS day 2005. The obelisk is located in 9th July Street, the widest street in the world. The WOM and editorial coverage generated was impressive.




Another succesful execution is the Red Bull Air Race World Series with millions of spectators being part of the events. This is a great example of using an experience as a stimulus for brand building.

Media approaches should be taken into consideration when developing the strategy. Stimulus placement, if used in innovative ways, can be vital to increase campaign recall, message recall and if executed properly, increase brand recall and brand building.