Day #23: Family is where it’s at

Tonight our family watched last night’s episode of Masterchef via our Apple TV. There were tears of joy on screen as dads, mums, boyfriends and husbands shared stories of their family. Memories of their exploits at home, and the pride at seeing them succeed. It was truly moving, even it only a reality TV show.

In the research we do family again and again comes forward as the primary driver. Research for an FMCG food, revealed purchases by mum were largely driven on whether the non openly communicative children digested them grocery shop to grocery shop.

Work for financial institutions and the likes illustrates that people in their golden years are thankful of the partnership with their banks or less heartless monetary life partners. Yet, the bar is set much higher as their own children need support in the form of a competitive home loan. While the soon to retire parents were grateful, disappointment ensues if the next generation isn’t supported. Loyalty is limited and fleeting.

When it comes to social ills such as smoking or unsafe driving, harms on one’s self are largely irrelevant for young and old – “I am prepared to take that risk.” Yet, when the message turns to the impact on family if they were gone, even the rough and toughest pierced and tattooed 20 something males verge on tearful eyes and realisation.

Square Holes’ repeated exploration of passions and aspiration come back to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their children and family. While the definition and priorities of ‘family’ evolve throughout life stages – from parental support and guidance, to switching the roles, then as a passive safety net – and moves from family circle of parents and siblings, to wider and changing definitions, family are always at the heart. Sometimes the love of family is acknowledged, and other times not or denied. Yet, deep research generally reveals it is at the heart.

For marketers, there is a need to be aware that ‘family’ is almost always our core diver in life. Whether it is about changing social ills or selling more lotteries tickets or home loans, family is often at the heart of our decisions.

And, for you and me we should be reminded of our priories in life.

Have an awesome weekend!