How to drive growth through human centered strategic thinking


Okay … 2017 is Go!

It is sure that most are thinking – “2017 is the year we’ll smash it!”

But as Albert Einstein once said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

And, doing things differently requires ‘getting your ducks in a row’  from the start and remaining disciplined through the chaos and uncertainty.This week we are sharing our DUCKS methodology to driving social impact (e.g. behaviour change, intervention, education etc) and business growth (e.g. revenue growth, new markets, innovative tech / products etc). Feel free to contact Square Holes (1800 038 257) for more information.

Please read on …

1: Define the mission

Is it increasing revenue or market share, entering a new market or shifting hard to budge behaviours? Vague objectives are not enough, and are the short cut to disappointment. Square Holes works with clients to crystallise the mission and sub-objectives, explore early ideas and to ensure the team is supportive and excited.

2: Uncover the consumers’ world

It is only with empathy for the consumers’ world – loves, frustrations, behaviours, unmet needs, category gaps etc – should you apply creativity in generating insights and solutions. Square Holes first reflects on lessons learnt and what is already known, then we uncover new evidence, explore, record and measure what was previously unknown about the consumer.

3: Conceptualise the story

With a swag bag of recordings, data, observations, experiences, photos, videos, more data, notes and more, it is now critical to step back and breathe… ahhh. Yet, without much hesitation, a compelling consumer story will be painted by Square Holes to illustrate key concepts and priority opportunities.

4: Killer ideas

With the consumers’ story understood, Square Holes works with the client to unleash the creative juices to develop ideas that will achieve the mission. Everyone involved, don’t hold back! Then we document, prioritise, prototype, evaluate and assist with launching the BIG ideas (which are likely surprisingly simple and small).

5: Strategic growth

Hold on tight, but DO NOT forget the mission. Tweak it, but don’t ignore it. Square Holes monitors and reviews the progress. We assist with evolving the strategy and are on the look out for emerging trends and opportunities. Learn from the mistakes and embrace these on the next mission …..

Download Jason Dunstone’s article Embracing Design Thinking to Unlock the Ideas Boom published in the July 2016 AMSRS Research News re new thinking on market research and influencing change.

Download DUCKS approach – here.

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