“All we want for Christmas” research

Square Holes surveyed 200 members of the Square Holes Panel Wednesday night to ask a few pertinent questions about Christmas.

  • 96% celebrate Christmas
  • 89% confess to having been ‘nice’ not ‘naughty’ [19%] in 2013
  • 44% believe in Father Christmas

The 4% not celebrating Christmas were basically for religious reasons or that Christmas had become “too commercial.”

When those who celebrate were asked “what do you want for Christmas?” …

43% want material things / products.

Of these the top 5 were …

  1. Electronics 25% [including Apple products 9%]
  2. Clothes / jewellery / accessories 16%
  3. Books / hobbies / work related items 16%
  4. Home / renovation items 11%
  5. Food / alcohol 9%

Others wanted …

  • “Wellbeing / health of family / friends” 30%
  • “Wellbeing / health of me” 17%
  • “World peace” 7%, or
  • Simply “nothing” 4%.

Christmas Infograph

Material things / products … [43%]

“Nothing in particular, candles and a wallet would be good”

“A new laptop”

“New thongs!”

“Kindle, Sodastream, jewellery”



“Sewing supplies”

“New car or a holiday”

“An IPad”

“Bathers & Reidel champagne glasses”

“I’d also love a new pair of shorts”


“Money so then I can buy what I need”

“An XBox”

“New Esky”

“Outdoor lounge / sofa”


“New dive gear …  Good times!”

“Dick and balls bong”


“Apple Macbook Pro”

“A new computer”

“Fitbit Zip”


“A new iron and ironing board”

“A painting of my grandparent’s house”

“WEA vouchers, alcohol”

“I would love a new bathroom, garden renovation, kitchen and lounge-suite… But, that ain’t gonna happen! No seriously… Just continuing good health for my kids, hubby, and our families. As a nurse I see really sick people with serious, often terminal illnesses, quite often at a young age. Good health is seriously the most precious thing of all”

“Sleep – ha ha – but seriously, a water fountain for my garden”

“A gift of jewellery or perfume”

“Camper trailer”


“A nice bottle of wine”

“Present wise: just Jamie Oliver’s 15 or 30 Minute Meals. Family/socially wise: to celebrate the day with my whole family …. husband, children, brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew and parents”

“Watch, push bike and a new laptop”

“Time with my family.  A cheque from my mother with at least three zeros before the decimal point ….”

“A new piece of jewellery”

“Book vouchers”

“Folding bike”

“C63 AMG”


“A Blu Ray recorder”

“Bang and Olfuson headset for my iPhone, Ice-cream maker, make-up, Chanel perfume”

“Wellbeing / health of family / friends” 30%

“Family time”

“My Mum is recovering from spinal surgery at the moment, so a quick recovering for her, and for the family to be together and to have a nice day”

“Spend time with family”

“To share fun times with family and friends and have a rest”

“I want my Dad to be alive for the next Christmas”

“Good weather and a great day with family”

“A beautiful day with the ones I love”

“Family togetherness”

“Financial security for my mum. An iPad for me.”

“Kids to be happy”

“A Happy Christmas, celebrating with family and friends”

“Healthy family.”

“Family relaxed”

“A happy time with family and to see others enjoying gifts i have chosen for them”

“Nothing material – but I wish for a healthy wife and kids.  I just hope for a peaceful Christmas with our 2 children”

“I really have no idea, nothing is really grabbing me at the moment.  Would like my son to have a fulltime job and be settled”

“A small, local family holiday”

“Time with friends and family”

“To share in precious family time”

“To spend quality time with my family”

“Happy times with family and friends”

“See my girls”

“Family get together”

“Wellbeing / health of me” 17%


“Rest and sleep!”

“Continued Love and Happiness”

“My household to be somewhat normal”

“A good book, some spare time to spend on myself”

“A relaxing day with my family”

“Healthy family, success with my greyhounds”

“I’m not sure – time!”

“Happiness, security and a healthy family. A diamond or two wouldn’t go astray either ;)”

“To have a break from work. Get together with family”

“Happiness, family together, no arguments”

“World peace” 7%

“World peace”

“World peace”

“World peace, no hunger, greater tolerance for immigrants, less taxes. I don’t need material things, usually donate a goat or similar”

Simply “nothing” 4%

“Nothing – I have my health [following a cancer diagnosis in 2012] and my family. That’s all that matters”


“Nothing in particular”

Have a very merry Christmas all.

And, please remember what’s important. Have fun with your family or whatever you may do!