How we helped make the world better

So, today is the last day of the 2016/17 financial year in Australia. We hope all your financial year dreams came true.

This week, we thought we would summarise our fantastic past year.

For a business approaching 13 years (at the end of 2017) Square Holes has never stopped evolving. Yet, over the past 12 months we set some transformation steps to put us in a solid spot for the years to come, as we continue our mission to ‘help make the world better.’

At our core we continued to meet the growing demand for high quality market research services. Building on this we have extended our offering into behaviour change and innovation strategy and support. When opportunity exists, Square Holes can take a more active role in actioning ideas from insights, including project management of planning and implementation.

We are pleased to report a record year, with a close to 40% revenue increase and an appropriate profit. An uber-awesome team of just below 40 full and part-time staff (across Adelaide HQ and Melbourne) have played a key role in supporting around 60 wonderful business and government clients on key strategic partnerships—thanks all!

We are ever so grateful for the trust our clients place in us, the new clients and medium to long-term relationships. In particular, we are grateful for the mission critical projects we support.

Below are just a few examples of our work July-June 2017.

Where: Our work has crossed Australia, all capital cities to regional and remote areas. And, we have researched markets further afield from Africa to New Zealand, across Asia, the US and Canada. We have spoken to average and not so average, young, middle-aged and older (and the carefree), tradespeople, business and government leaders and even secret agents (shhh…).

Business growth: We have worked with businesses from fertility specialists to cemeteries looking for innovation priority setting—and every life stage in between. Plus we have worked to support iconic 100+ year old brands from the authentic and world’s most awesome yummy chocolate Haigh’s to major commercial builder Hansen Yuncken and Elders, and many more much younger brands. And, conduct ongoing NPS and customer satisfaction monitors for brands as diverse as ElectraNet, to Spotless and Dr Jones and Partners. We have helped grow sales for products as diverse as apples to potatoes, from electronics to health insurance, aged care services, banking products, real estate to retail, and nuts to newspapers (more here).

Social impact: The world is full of so many opportunities to solve fundamental wrongs that need to be made right. Over the past year Square Holes has played a key role in opportunities as diverse as campaigns to entice more foster carers; overcoming the complex and often neglected issue of workplace safety; to pathways to an exciting new electricity network of solar, batteries, electric cars and greater consumer choice. We have helped guide strategies to encourage more people to buy local (#ichoosesa—more here) and supported major projects to identify innovation opportunities for target audiences such as ageing well (more here). Square Holes has provided pragmatic community insights, sentiment and trends to corporate clients, political parties, and all tiers of government. We have helped with improving cities from becoming carbon neutral to future infrastructure design.

Education enhancement: Our education clients have included major projects to help inform decision making and how to reduce stress surrounding picking the right school—from early childhood to primary school and high school. This has helped inform broader strategies and brand and marketing strategies. We have helped guide engagement and wider initiatives for adult education providers such as TAFE to key insights to underpin new programs for leading institutions includng the University of Adelaide to develop innovative post graduate programs such as the Masters of Agribusiness. And, the provision of insights and strategic support for a global MBA provider.

Entertainment improvement: We continue our decade long research partnership with the State Theatre Company of South Australia, and our long strategic relationship with Adelaide and Monarto Zoos. Our other experience and entertainment partnerships are as diverse as international and domestic cricket, to the once in a life-time major reinvigoration of the Adelaide Riverbank precinct, to Newcastle horse racing, to supporting the artists of the present and future for the Helpmann Academy. We have also just signed to continue our long-term partnership with renowned Adelaide Film Festival and tech extravaganza Hybrid World.

Technology enablement: Square Holes has long had a passion for and key role in guiding technology enhancement of products and services. This year we continued to step it up a notch again. Building our path to purchase analysis (i.e. evidence based UX modelling) to help guide the identification of tech innovation hot spots. Tech innovations we have helped support are as diverse as travel companions and experience planners to bringing the humble licence into the App world (more here). We have also provided pragmatic guidance for digital and social strategy development—evidence on true usage and trends to ensure strategies are much more fact than hype, and to use digital to grow rather than follow like lemmings.

Square Holes is passionate about the exponential opportunities available in the new world. And, that the role of our unique service is more critical than ever in this time of globalisation, technology, rising anxiety and seeming economic instabilty and uncertainty. Providing robust evidence based strategic guidance (above the hype, confusion and chaos) is vital to unlock the potential just waiting. Square Holes is proud of the work we do to help clients to seize opportunities with an understanding of reality, and priority ideas to ensure product-market fit.

If you believe we are of like-mind and exciting opportunities exist, please get in touch.