Speaking + Writing

Jason Dunstone and the Square Holes team regularly write for media and lecture, speak and present at universities, conferences and events, in addition to their ongoing ‘behind closed doors’ corporate and government debriefing and presenting on research, innovation and strategic priorities.

Jason has 25 years (50,000+ hours) experience researching people (focus groups, surveys, other data, directing projects etc), and consulting CEOs, management, government, leading advertising agencies and boards to help businesses grow and move hard to budge consumer behaviours. From retail to entertainment, to products, services, commercialisation, public transport, environmental sustainability and bad habits.

Topics include:

  • Behaviour change / nudging
  • Building better cities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Consumer trends
  • Human centred innovation
  • Digital to engage

Please read our blog articles for inspiration as to our topics and visit squareholes.com to better understand our depth of expertise and case studies in city building, arts and entertainment, the environment, B2B, education, health, services, charity, bad habits and brands.

Content on this site is available for use in press, magazines and online publications strictly with permission and denoting the author, Square Holes and referencing www.squareholes.com/blog. Please contact Square Holes for permission. Jason and the Square Holes team are also available for customised articles on a range of fascinating human centred topics.

Contact Jason and the Square Holes team via 1800 038 257 or mail@squareholes.com.