Prof Genevieve Bell – Contact tracing, data and vulnerability

Today we are joined by Distinguished Professor Genevieve Bell, Director of the 3A Institute at ANU in Canberra,...

Dr Rebecca Huntley – Australia lucky, even in a pandemic

Today we are joined by Dr Rebecca Huntley, one of Australia's foremost researchers on social trends. A regular...

Elaine Bensted – Caring for 3,000 animals in surreal times

Today we are joined by EB, Elaine Bensted, the Chief Executive of Zoos SA, including Adelaide Zoo and...

Brent Hill – Marketing tourism in a stay at home pandemic

Today we are joined by Brent Hill, the Executive Director of Marketing at the South Australian Tourism Commission....

Simon Kuestenmacher: How demographic data can fight COVID-19

Today we are joined by Simon Kuestenmacher, Co-Founder and Director of Research at The Demographics Group.

Olga Kudryashova – Soviet Union, Hungary, Dubai, Adelaide, Advertising

Today we are joined by Olga Kudryashova. Olga started her...

Driller Jet Armstrong – Nightlife, music, art, culture, conservatism

Today we are joined by Driller Jet Armstrong. Ex-police officer, DJ, visual artist, founder of the Daubist art...

Advice from future marketers (Primary school kids)

Square Holes spoke to six up-and-coming marketers about their favourite brands and the current advertising landscape.



How to sell anything

How to measure brand value