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Square Holes is ever on the look out for those with warm hearts and creative heads passionate about helping to make the world better - market and social researchers, data scientists, statisticians, writers, consultants, designers, ethnographers, video story tellers, marketers, creatives, social psychologists, strategists, business development professionals and others with what it takes to make a difference.

Square Holes is the kind of place people get out of bed in the morning excited to start the day.

The people are the best – t-shaped – with width of experiences and depth of superawesome. Positive, happy and the type of people that do stuff. Our staff are the best, each with a superpower they are ever improving. But, as a team … POW!

So much is happening, and such interesting projects and clients. Things that are really making a difference. Helping to make the world better, bit by bit. Social impact, and business impact. Sometimes in a big way, but even when in a small way, making things better is our focus. And, we live by the philosophy that things can always be done better.

Sometimes we fail, but even the failure is viewed as a success. It is better failing trying, than to never try. Action is everything. Quick, fast and powerful. Like a tiger. Or, a dolphin. But, a really awesome tiger dolphin with opposable thumbs and with the ability to experiment and iterate to get stuff done! We digress, Square Holes is like no other.

We do not take ourselves too seriously, as life is too short, and it is much better having fun along the way. THE ONLY thing we do take seriously is making the world better, bit by bit. And, as Gandhi would say to “be the change!”

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Permanent team members, freelancers and other arrangements, locally based or remote. Standout graduates, interns and those with deeper experience. Team players willing to work hard to make a difference.

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“It’s ok to be round pegs in square holes.”

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