Please join our panel and have your say. Be part of the solution. Help build better products, ads, websites. Share your story. Get paid!

"It is nice to know your views are being used by companies and organisations to make decisions on future services."

- Gary, research participant via Facebook Review

What is research?

Square Holes conducts market and social research on behalf of reputable government and commercial clients and partners. We speak with normal people just like you to explore everything from the joys and challenges of life to thoughts on new products, services, advertising, legislation and do our best to use this to help make the world even just a bit better. We always work to the highest quality and privacy standards. Our participants find their involvement fun and rewarding, and our our clients and partners are grateful and act on the feedback. Your participation is always optional, and any information you provide totally confidential.

“Square holes is a great way to feel a part of the community, to give feedback on the things around you and to be able to try and make a difference even in a very small way. It makes me feel like my opinion does matter.”

- Rosemary

We sometimes do surveys and offer prizes for those helping us out.

Other times we do focus groups which are discussions of 6-8 people in a room having a safe and open chat about a particular topic – e.g. how to make a better chocolate bar or to ensure your government knows what you need. We also do similar discussions in homes and other places with groups of friends to discuss a topic in a relaxed and even fun environment.

From time to time we ask our panel to go on the search for a trend or to tell us about seemingly mundane aspects of life that may help to improve our products and services. We may also have reason to ask people like you to complete a diary of your behaviours over a few days or week.

Or, helping us out in other ways to get a better understanding of how real people live and behave while shopping, travelling or whatever else. The topics really depend on our clients and partners. What questions are they trying to answer to make continuous improvements.

“I like attending focus groups because I get to voice my opinion in a safe environment, listen to other people's opinions and not feel threatened. It’s a place where we are all equal and our opinions are valued and respected without judgment.”

- Phillip

Privacy and confidentiality

Square Holes is a research only company and will not use any information you provide for any other reason. Square Holes is bound by the Industry Code of Professional Behaviour and Market & Social Research Privacy Principles. Importantly, all contact details remain confidential and are used for research purposes only. Square Holes is bound by the strict code of the Australian Market and Social Research Society. Square Holes Pty Ltd holds the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations Trust Mark. The Trustmark is a seal of endorsement that ensures AMSRO member companies are compliant with the highest ethical standards, particularly in regards to privacy.