Square Holes conducts and publishes customised explorative research on key markets, customers and population segments. We also provide associated consulting and support to ignite positive business and social behaviour change. This includes research and other support in concept development, gaining user feedback and testing alternative scenarios and ideas, as well as monitoring of cultural trends, customer sentiment, brand health and marketing performance.

We promise robust inspiration to help make the world better.

Our work informs curious and inspired human-centred decision makers and innovators in business and government. Inspiration built on ISO 20252 certified substance (International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research).


Square Holes provides evidence-based insight and strategic consulting based on extensive research since 2004.

Cultural trends and insights

Behaviour change strategies

Market entry and growth

Evidence based marketing

“A delightful team delivering business and research insights, with thought and care.”

- Jessica Vonthethoff

Research services

Most of our research work is in three key areas to help achieve client objectives.

Illumination studies

Understand the stories, beliefs and behaviours of key markets, customers and population segments.

Concept development and testing

Involve prospective users and audience in testing and refining new products, marketing and other concepts.

Performance monitoring

Define and monitor key performance indicators, and identify priority strategy adjustments to enhance impact.

“A fresh and innovative agency providing a valuable alternative to traditional research approaches."

- Nathan Hubbard

Illumination studies

Getting the foundation right from the start is essential to ensure strategy success. Some of the evidence based stories we tell ...

Culture and community

Brands and markets

Customer journey maps

Economic impact

“We’ve been working with Square Holes for many years, across several projects, with their team working alongside our team to deliver project success. The outcome of their work acts as an internal bible and has provided powerful insights into our customers and markets.”

- Tennille Reed

Four steps

We recommend and provide support in following four steps to drive change …

Problem definition

Taking time to pause and unpack the 'BURNING DECK', hypothesis, barriers, gaps and opportunities prior to taking the next step.

Insight collection

Gather evidence to understand the STORIES, beliefs and behaviours of key markets, customers and population segments.

Ideas prioritisation

Filter the many ideas as to strategic value and ease of implementation. More simple strategic ideas. Plan the complex BIG IDEAS.

Agility and action

The biggest impediment to strategic growth is inaction, so IMPLEMENT. Then monitor, listen, observe, adjust and set priorities.

“The research we undertook with Square Holes informed our strategy and focused our resources.”

- Angelo Russo

Case studies

Three diverse examples of how we have helped decision makers can be found via the images below. Our work for brands, business, government et cetera is typically private and confidential. Yet we do conduct 100+ customised research projects each year, so please contact Square Holes to discuss case studies more aligned with your key markets, customers and population segments.

Quit smoking behavour change
Drug & Alcohol Services

Riverbank cultural revamp
Adelaide Oval + wider precinct

New market entry and growth
Emergency Services Health

“The research gave us the confidence to build a range of facilities that could be sold and allowed us to price these in a manner that would maximise revenue for a sustained period.”

- Darren Chandler

In-house field team

Square Holes is a full-service research agency - data collection to analysis and consulting.

All Australian based interviewing and recruitment for our social and market research is conducted by Square Holes via our in-house field teams. This includes on-line survey, phone survey (CATI) facility and face-to-face interviewing capacity for Australia. Focus group and other qualitative research is available in our research room in our Adelaide HQ, with client viewing room (including live streaming upon request). Partner research rooms are used in other locations.

Square Holes’ field work team (‘Round Pegs’) is also available for field work only projects, when strategic input is not required.


Some of the research methodologies we use ...

  • Affinity Discussions
  • ‘BIG’ Data
  • Digital Clinic
  • Ethnography
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Online Communities
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Semiotics
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Workshops
  • Surveys:
    • Telephone Surveys
    • Online Surveys
    • Face-to-Face Surveys
    • Hybrid Surveys

ISO 20252 Quality

Square Holes is ISO 20252 certified International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research. Please beware of cowboys and cowgirls cutting corners and creating unreliable research findings. Square Holes has always and will always invest and commit to working to the highest privacy, quality and ethics standards. Square Holes is endorsed by AMSRO Trust Mark for Privacy, Quality and Ethics. Square Holes abides by the privacy standards of The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our research team are members of AMSRS. This ensures that the information gathered is accurate, ethical and goes beyond minimal privacy regulations.

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