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Real People is a podcast of interviews with average and not so average people (rich, poor, old, young, content and vulnerable) as well as academics, researchers, leading thinkers, and other interesting people to better understand what real people believe and how they behave. Real People builds on host Jason Dunstone's, Managing Director and Founder of Squareholes, 25 years conducting research and interviews with average and not so average people, as well as interviews with key leaders such as innovators, politicians, scientists and experts. He has have been lucky to meet such wonderful and intelligent people, and have such fascinating discussions, but these are often largely deciphered down to research findings, insightful quotes, statistics et cetera for reports.

In this podcast, Real People will open up such conversations for people like you. The podcast will share interviews with academics, researchers, leading thinkers, and other interesting people so we can better understand how to be a bit more empathetic to real people. Why do people think what they think and do what they do? I will also interview “actual real people” about their passions, beliefs, fears and behaviours.


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Episode 1: Martin Read, Partner at Deloitte Digital Australia, Transformational Reconstruction

Episode 2: Suhit Anantula, Partner Business Models Inc, Six Blind Men and the Elephant

You can find information on episodes of Real People via this link.


Real people is produced by ‘Square Holes.’

A research agency founded at the end of 2004 and now working across Australia and beyond to provide deep clarity as to the reality of what real people believe and how they behave. Over the past 12 months, Square Holes has worked across regional and urban Australia, and across the world from New Zealand to Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Africa, China, Europe and the US.

Some of the topics explored over the past 12 months by Square Holes are from birth to end of life; school to adult education; mental health and well-being to green space; traditional and digital media; start-up and established business ecosystems; and much, much more. We are blessed to partner with human focused leaders who empower us to speak with customers, citizens, the rich, poor, old, young, content and vulnerable.

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