Quit Smoking

"Client is their first priority."

- Jacqueline Bowden, former Manager, Tobacco Control Research and Evaluation


Following research conducted by Square Holes on behalf of Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia, creative agency Showpony Advertising was tasked with developing a campaign strategy to optimise the communication of tobacco cessation messages in South Australia. Square Holes facilitated focus group research which identified 'Be Smoke Free' as a viable positioning statement.

'Be Smoke Free' was executed into a series of TV commercials, built on existing campaigns also tested by Square Holes as part of the same research. A website associated with 'Be Smoke Free' was launched. Yet, after a period of time, and a greater understanding of visitor behaviour from Google Analytics, there was a need to further explore engagement. Square Holes was commissioned to explore visitor behaviour at In conducting the research, an understanding of smokers’ information needs, and their perceptions of the website were also developed, particularly how it could be enhanced to maximise user engagement.

A similar project was also commissioned with smokers from an Aboriginal background to explore the 'Give Up Smokes' website.

Square Holes has conducted smoking cessation research since 2004. This has included a large number of TV and other marketing campaign testing projects via focus groups, on-going telephone and online monitoring of smoking rates, and exploration of optimal interventions including increasing usage of the Quitline and other services, in urban and regional centres, youth and older smokers and Aboriginal and other priority segments of the population.


Square Holes has built a solid understanding of behavioural psychology and other behaviour change models, and our research has played a key part in declining smoking rates, including assisting with the prioritising of campaigns and other strategies and monitoring the impact on attitudes and behaviours amongst smokers and priority segments.