Why we exist.

Why we exist.

Square Holes is the kind of place people get out of bed in the morning excited to start the day. The people are the best – t-shaped – with width of experiences and depth of superawesome. Positive, happy and the type of people that do stuff. Our staff are the best, each with a superpower they are ever improving. But, as a team … POW! So much is happening, and such interesting projects and clients. Things that are really making a difference. Helping to make the world better, bit by bit. Social impact, and business impact. Sometimes in a big way, but even when in a small way, making things better is our focus. And, we live by the philosophy that things can always be done better. Sometimes we fail, but even the failure is viewed as a success. It is better failing trying, than to never try. Action is everything. Quick, fast and powerful. Like a tiger. Or, a dolphin. But, a really awesome tiger dolphin with opposable thumbs and with the ability to experiment and iterate to get stuff done! We digress, Square Holes is like no other. We do not take ourselves too seriously, as life is too short, and it is much better having fun along the way. THE ONLY thing we do take seriously is making the world better, bit by bit. And, as Gandhi would say to “be the change!”

Have we been successful?

Way back in 2004 Square Holes hit the ground running. Oh what joy and adventure has been had.

Has Square Holes been a success? We’re up against lofty comparisons. Facebook also launched in 2004. But, yes indeed, we are proud. We have learnt many strategic lessons. Some from our many triumphs and others have come from my many, many failures. (Please note: failing is the new black.)

Square Holes has also conducted more than 600 market and social research studies, consulted to 100's of leaders, hosts regular CEO / Innovator lunches, and we have seen and heard many lessons along the way. Some from those embracing change and others stuck in a rut. We’ve observed many patterns.

So, has SquareHoles been successful? ...

Our founder Jason Dunstone does not have Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth of $55.3 Billion USD. But, yes we’ve been successful. We got started, and kept going, through much fun and a few bumps. we turned frustration with how market research is done, appreciated and its potential to help make the world better into the passion behind Square Holes. For more than a decade we have worked diligently with many amazing clients, with agility to the changing landscape and economic uncertainty. We’ve morphed from year to year, with each year an evolution of the year before.

We have learnt the increasing importance of a simple idea and implementation. And, even with our many years, we remain ever with a beginners mind, fresh thinking and excited about ‘what will come next?’

Our successes are many — client wins, awards, maintaining ISO quality standards and projects having a massive positive impact on business growth and social change — yet, these have come from surfing highly turbulent and ever uncertain times. We have surfed small easy waves that come with running a business, and a few BIG, at the time, seemingly scary waves, through the tunnel and smoothly out the end.

Our staff have been many, almost all fantastic, and many of our staff have become like family, and some have become clients. Many of our clients have become long-term relationships and friends. We have worked with many inspiring people. And, have built an awesome team — of the nicest group of professionals ever — thank you, thank you!

Our growth beyond our core services have evolved to barely resemble those of 2004, and we are experiencing solid growth in organic referrals beyond our birthplace in Adelaide, South Australia. Oh, the people we have spoken to and places seen!

We’ve seen it all — growth of client businesses and KPIs, as well as growing families and careers of our staff and clients. We have also had a couple sad deaths of loved staff, family and clients which helped provide perspective.

We are grateful for the opportunities presented to us, the adventures we have sailed and those staff, clients, suppliers, friends and a multitude of others who have helped through kindness and otherwise.

We started with a level of youthful ego (Jason aged in his early 30’s) that we were the best. We quickly learnt that to be the best isn’t a ting point, nor an end point, but an obsession to practice (and practice, and practice, and practice), recruit staff and partners carefully and well, gain ongoing feedback, learn, iterate and get better, and practice some more (and some more), and eventually move beyond the ordinary.

It has been a BLAST!

We have learnt many lessons, too many for today. Such as the importance of smart work, above hard work, and mindfulness over a mind full of chaos and uncoordinated opportunity. And, enjoy the ride. While the pursuit of your passion is important, keep your perspective. Don’t take it all too seriously and have a well balanced life full of fun, family and friends.

So, yep we have been successful. Even if nothing like we ever expected.

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