Why we exist.

Why we exist.

Square Holes helps make the world better. We believe that an awe inspiring future will come from deeply understanding the world and its people, their stories about what they believe and how they behave. 

How do we do this? Square Holes conducts and publishes customised explorative market and social research on key markets and population segments. + We provide associated consulting and support to generate, test and refine ideas and monitor and drive positive business and social change.

Our partners are human-centred decision makers and innovators in government, business and social enterprise, the curious and inspired, and most importantly the real people sharing their lives - thank you. :-)

Since launching in 2004 the team quickly grew to around 20 of the best, with width of experience and depth of superawesome. Our work is similarly t-shaped, with deep local understanding and width of geography, markets and population segments across urban, regional and remote Australia, to globally from New Zealand to Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Africa, Europe and the US. 

Square Holes has always and will always work to the highest privacy, quality and ethics standards. Beware of cowboys and cowgirls! All social and market research conducted by Square Holes is via our in-house research and field quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis team - ISO 20252 certified - International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research, and endorsed by AMSRO Trust Mark for Privacy, Quality and Ethics. Square Holes abides by the privacy standards of The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our research team are members of AMSRS. This ensures that the information gathered is accurate, ethical and goes beyond minimal privacy regulations.

Square Holes listens to and observes people in lounge rooms, board rooms, pubs, shops, online et cetera, et cetera. Adelaide, to Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, to KI, KL, the UK to the US and back home.

"Who are our customers?" "How can we evolve our products?" "Where are the market growth opportunities?" "How can business and government evolve to contemporary needs?" "What are the game changing ideas?"

We tell engaging evidence based consumer stories and guide user-centred innovation – a better customer experience, new tech, disruptive products, behaviour change, brand building, increasing sales and finding simplicity.

And, bit by bit, we help make the world better.

Since launching on this exciting journey in November 2004, our successes are many — client wins, awards, maintaining ISO quality standards and projects having a massive positive impact on business growth and social change — yet, these have come from surfing highly turbulent and ever uncertain times. We have surfed small easy waves that come with running a business, and a few BIG, at the time, seemingly scary waves, through the tunnel and smoothly out the end.

Our staff have been many, almost all fantastic, and many of our staff have become like family, and some have become clients. Many of our clients have become long-term relationships and friends. We have worked with many inspiring people. And, have built an awesome team — of the nicest group of professionals ever — thank you, thank you!

Our growth beyond our core services have evolved to barely resemble those of 2004, and we are experiencing solid growth in organic referrals beyond our birthplace in Adelaide, South Australia. Oh, the people we have spoken to and places seen!

We’ve seen it all — growth of client businesses and KPIs, as well as growing families and careers of our staff and clients. We have also had a couple sad deaths of loved staff, family and clients which helped provide perspective.

We are grateful for the opportunities presented to us, the adventures we have sailed and those staff, clients, suppliers, friends and a multitude of others who have helped through kindness and otherwise.

We started with a level of youthful ego (Jason Dunstone our Founder aged in his early 30’s) that we were the best. We quickly learnt that to be the best isn’t a starting point, nor an end point, but an obsession to practice (and practice, and practice, and practice), recruit staff and partners carefully and well, gain ongoing feedback, learn, iterate and get better, and practice some more (and some more), and eventually move beyond the ordinary.

It has been a BLAST!

We have learnt many lessons, too many for today. Such as the importance of smart work, above hard work, and mindfulness over a mind full of chaos and uncoordinated opportunity. And, enjoy the ride. While the pursuit of your passion is important, keep your perspective. Don’t take it all too seriously and have a well balanced life full of fun, family and friends.

So, yep we have been successful. Even if nothing like we ever expected.

Stay tuned for our continuing exciting story. Join our email list or read our blog here.

If you would like to be part of our future story, please get in touch.

Thank you for reading to the end!

For more on our Founder Jason's lessons from launching and growing Square Holes, you may enjoy this. If you're curious about where our name originates ... here or here.


So, why do we exist?


"It’s okay to be round pegs in square holes. To be offbeat, crazy or different.  To be bored with the status quo, with a hunger to change the world. You will need to be passionate and resilient. From the ‘you’ll never make it’, and then the ‘tall poppy’ taunts.  You will need clarity and imagination, as to where you are heading and the goal. It’s okay to work hard to make a difference. A future you influenced and changed, thinking BIG and being brave."

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“It’s ok to be round pegs in square holes.”

State winner / National finalist Australian Marketing Institute excellence in Consumer Insight 2010, 2012 & 2014
National finalist Research Industry Council of Australia award for Consumer Insight 2014
Square Holes abides by the AMSRO Privacy Code 2014 for Market and Social Research
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