Square Holes is available to develop and deliver high quality research training, mentoring and support. The training is tailored to audience needs, time availability, required outcomes and delivered by suitably educated and experienced professionals.

Some of the topic areas follow.

With the growth of DIY research, it is easier than ever to run a survey, yet inexperience and lack of proper research methodology expertise often leads to unreliability. This can risk critical decisions being based on false or misleading findings and interpretations. Such inaccuracies are typically not known to organisations doing their own research or outsourcing to external consultants and agencies without necessary research expertise. Leading to incorrect marketing, new market and/or other critical strategic decisions.

Unconscious research incompetence can be dangerous!

This may be due to poor questionnaire design, lack of representative sampling, not understanding data privacy and other related legistlation and/or other research methodology and statistical analysis flaws. Square Holes provides an external expert training, mentoring and support resource to develop internal research capabilities. We are also available to provide more advanced quantitative and qualitative research methodology and data analytics up skilling.

Square Holes also provides training, mentoring and support on trends and insights our research team has been monitoring since 2004, including - evidence based marketing; cultural trends and insights; behaviour change strategies; and market entry and growth.

Research methodology

Survey design, theory and analysis

Evidence based marketing

Cultural trends and insights

Behaviour change strategies

Market entry and growth