"Our team are the best. Each with a superpower they are ever improving, but as a team KAPOW!"

- Square Holes

Meet our awesome team ...

Linley Bertram

Linley is responsible for the day-to-day overseeing of projects, including traffic management across all projects and our project team. Linley has a solid background, in all aspects of market research and marketing from developing a strict and thorough project plan to ensure quality, accuracy and success of data collection and report. Having started her career at global research group Synovate, then moving to client side for the likes of AV Jennings and Advanced Piping Systems, Linley has returned to research at her key role at Square Holes and is a Qualified Practicing Researcher (QPR).

Dylan Jacob

Dylan is a skilled and experienced research analysis and works cross projects from education to government and advertising testing. His particular area of interest in in the critical role of creativity in advertising effectiveness.

Lauren Hayden

Lauren takes pride in creating strategic recommendations that are both culturally relevant and drive overall business growth beyond marketing KPIs. With a background in brand research, with Y&R in New York, she has applied quantitative and qualitative techniques for clients across a broad range of industries including health and wellness, consumer goods, government, and tech. Lauren's particular passion is branding for social conscious organisations.

Jason Dunstone

Jason founded Square Holes at the end of 2004, bored with traditional consumer research, with a hunger to help make the world better. His formative years in the mid-1990s were at Frank Small & Associates, during takeover by global consumer insight agency TNS, working with blue chip brands from telecommunications to cars. Square Holes now consults corporate and government to ignite business and social behaviour change and growth.

Carolyn Ellis

Carolyn manages Square Holes' internal field team is highly experienced in executive and influencer and focus group and telephone, face to face survey and other team management. The field team work directly with the consulting team on a daily basis to ensure project efficiencies and the best quality data.

Christine Dunstone

Christine, a Qualified Practicing Researcher (QPR) leads and supports the team from project and methodology design, reporting, quality control, industry standards and ISO accreditation. She is highly experienced in all aspects of market research ensuring thorough project planning for optimal research outputs, accuracy and project success.


Square Holes' office puppy leading mental health and maintenance. Daisy is ever curious and learning, and hopes one day to be the office dog.

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Square Holes is ever on the look out for those with warm hearts and creative heads. Curious and inspired team players with a superpower. Permanent team members, freelancers and other arrangements, locally (Adelaide | Melbourne) based or remote. We are a relatively small team with a solid reputation, which has driven strong growth in the last financial year and over the past 17 years. Our client base ranges from iconic brands, to school to tertiary education, arts and culture, large B2B corporates, government decision makers and importers | exporters.

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