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“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.” Mahatma Gandhi

Your brand needs a hobby (Aged 70+)

Square Holes recently spoke to a group of South Australians over 70 about their pastimes and passions. Several had a long roster...

Buying local or global?

As local communities exit the emotional strain of COVID-19, the conversation around the importance of supporting local businesses grows. The world-wide economic...

Dr Fiona Kerr + Steve Sammartino

Today we are joined by Dr Fiona Kerr, Founder and CEO of the Neurotech Institute, and leading futuristand...

The opposite of love (Aged 30 – 39)

"I can't explain it. It's just that feeling. I think you know. You know when you love something. You know when you...

What is love? (Aged 20 – 29)

When asked what they love, a group of four 20-somethings list what you might expect: their family, friends, hobbies like sport or...

Loving life in South Australia

There is a positive vibe in South Australia as restrictions are reduced, with an increased sense of pride in the State and...

Kindness isn’t enough (Aged 40 – 49)

As life slowly returns back to normal, Square Holes has continued conversations with Australians to gain insight into their daily lives.

The power of price and convenience (Aged 50 – 59)

The COVID pandemic disrupted routines and created heightened levels of uncertainty, which humans typically try to avoid at all costs.




Square Holes is proud to sponsor and support the arts, innovation and others making the world better, including ...

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