A curious collective

Square Holes is a collective of curious and innovative thinkers and researchers who deeply understand real people. Every member of the Square Holes family bring their own unique talents to the business, but as a team we are the perfect blend of passion, inquisitiveness and client collaboration. We are ever seeking opportunities to morph into a stronger team.

Founded by Jason Dunstone six years after returning to South Australia from working with a global research group, Square Holes was an anecdote to his observation of the lack lustre status quo in the market research industry. From the start, we have employed and nurtured a curious team, with our intent to delve deeper, and inject creative thinking beyond just numbers and data. We celebrate diversity and ever question rules, norms and generalisations.

Research manager / analyst

Dylan is a skilled and experienced research analyst with a passion for data and his Weber BBQ. With a keen interest in the role of creativity in advertising, Dylan was first drawn to marketing after watching an episode of Mad Men in high school. At University that quickly turned into a preference for his research subjects, due to his fascination with what makes people tick. He is driven by this curiosity for people and a desire to help brands and organisations problem solve.

Journalist and Editor of Think!

Mahalia is a journalist with a drive to dive deep into the stories of people, brands and communities. Before coming to Square Holes, she has worked across a number of media roles, from commercial radio in Sydney to a magazine named after a popular smallgood in Adelaide. Cyndi Lauper once taught her how to skin a squirrel and Brad Pitt complimented her tattoos, but these days she delves into the impact of social media on society and the wide breadth of clients undertaking research with Square Holes.

Research Analyst / Manager

Kellen is a motivated Researcher/Analyst interested in answering questions around the consumer engagement in digital landscapes. He has strong skills in data analysis and interpretation to construct evidence-based solutions to client challenges. He received his doctorate in Digital Advertising at the ripe age of 25, focusing on the value of eye-tracked high and low attention in consumer behaviour. When he’s away from the world of consumer psychology and research, you can find him upside down in the big bowl at the new City Skate Park.

Associate Director Qualitative & Strategy

Daria is an interdisciplinary researcher with a background in cross-cultural communication, tourism, management, and strategic consulting. She has a fascination and passion for human psychology and experiences, enriched by tourism and adult learning studies. She prides herself on helping a range of clients to make confident leaps into growth and innovation with rich insights about how human values, needs and perceptions drive their customer and employee decision-making. In her spare time, Daria has been developing her green thumb, while building the veggie patch to fuel her active lifestyle.

General Manager

Christine is a Qualified Practicing Researcher (QPR) who leads and supports the team across a range of function including project and methodology design, reporting, quality control, industry standards and ISO accreditation. She is highly experienced in all aspects of market research, and our quality control guru, ensuring that your project is a success through project planning for optimal research outputs and accuracy. Christine is also an avid reader outside of work, making her way through all manner of books from Science Fiction to the Classics.

Field Manager

Carolyn manages Square Holes’ project recruitment and Field Team. She is highly experienced in the recruitment of focus group and in-depth interview participants, face-to-face survey and other team management. Carolyn is the managerial engineer of the right voices making their way into your focus groups and interviews, and right people conducting your field research and face-to-face surveys. On a personal note, Carolyn has a background in Corporate Training and Management and is interested in understanding self and others, plays competitive netball and can catch a fish.

Accounts / Administration Manager

Ros is our Finance and Administration Manager, and an essential cog in the Square Holes machine. She has been with the SH family since 2008, after making the move from wine country Barossa. When she is not in the office, Ros is perfecting her green thumb in a local CBD community garden and enjoying the fruits of living in the festival state by taking in all the theatre, classical music and art she can handle. She can also play the piano (badly, by her own admission).

Office Dog

Daisy is the office rabblerouser and spirit raiser. She has a keen nose for sniffing out any and all leads and a great head for numbers (she will be able to tell you how many snacks you have on hand at any given time). What she lacks in physical size and understanding of office decorum, she makes up for in enthusiasm and personality. A most valued member of the team.

Founder / Principal Researcher / MD

In 2022 Jason was awarded as a Fellow of the Australian Research Society for his contribution to the Industry (the second based in South Australia, and the first for around 30 years). Jason’s formative years in market and cultural research were spent at Frank Small & Associates, based in Melbourne, and having dealings with the wider Asian network and Paris HQ. From there Jason held project manager and leadership roles in the research industry, and created Square Holes in 2004 six years after returning to South Australia and observing the “lack lustre status quo in the market research industry.” Jason is a highly experienced qualitative and quantitative ’30 year’ researcher, spending thousands of hours moderating focus groups, in-home discussions and interviews with category influencers.  He is ever curious and particularly passionate about helping Australian brands to go global; and inspiring corporate and government decision makers to evolve the cultural narrative. Jason prides himself as a young researcher mentor and remains active across Square Holes research studies.


Are you super nice and ever curious?

We are ever keen to meet and hopefully find opportunities at Square Holes for super nice and smart professionals who are ever curious and inspired.

Please get in contact.

Join our team

Square Holes is ever on the lookout for those with warm hearts and creative heads. Curious and inspired team players. Permanent team members, freelancers and other arrangements, locally (Adelaide | Melbourne) based or remote.

We are humble. More collaborative friends than corporate drones. We are an optimal alternative to mega global agencies. Hands-on autonomy, control of our destiny. Independently owned, rather than accountable to directors and shareholders abroad. We care and tangibly donate to and support our community. We are locally connected, globally minded. Ever seeking better individually and collectively.

Square Holes seeks to attract and retain interesting and diverse team members, t-shaped with width of professional and life experience, with a depth of relevant expertise. A team small enough to build strong client relationships and a collaborative work dynamic, yet with first-class research and academic rigor, client base and sophistication of qualitative and quantitative research projects, to drive positive progress. We would love to hear from you!

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