Our manifesto: ‘It’s ok to be round pegs in square holes. To be innately curious, and unconventional.  To see problems as adventures, with many paths to better. We are passionate and resilient, knowing we are not alone. We grow together, ever learning, and flourishing. Seeking progress, one step at a time, towards a future we inspired.’ 

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    Three core values

    Impact: We inspire growth

    Nurture: We grow together

    Curious: We learn forever

    Why Square Holes: “It would have to be the diversity of the work. I like that it’s something different day-to-day. Different problems, different solutions and thinking required. I also like that on one day I might be looking at and interpreting data, and then the next day I’m conducting an in-depth interview with someone. It keeps the work fresh and exciting.” Dylan

    Meet some of our curious team

    Founder / Principal Researcher / MD

    Jason is an experienced researcher who was awarded as a Fellow of the Australian Research Society in 2022 for his contributions to the industry. He spent his formative years in market and cultural research at Frank Small & Associates in Melbourne, and created his own research company, Square Holes, in 2004 after returning to South Australia. He is passionate about helping Australian brands go global and inspiring corporate and government decision makers to evolve the cultural narrative. Jason also mentors young researchers and remains active in Square Holes research studies.

    Research manager / analyst

    Dylan is a skilled and experienced research analyst with a passion for data and his Weber BBQ. With a keen interest in the role of creativity in advertising, Dylan was first drawn to marketing after watching an episode of Mad Men in high school. At University that quickly turned into a preference for his research subjects, due to his fascination with what makes people tick. He is driven by this curiosity for people and a desire to help brands and organisations problem solve.

    Why Square Holes: “I enjoy working on different projects and find it meaningful to be able to contribute in helping the city I live in becoming a better place through our insights. As I work on one project to the next, I felt more involved as one of the South Australians.” Aye Thu Thu Ko

    Research analyst
    Thu Thu’s journey towards data analysis began five years ago when I joined a FMCG retail research team. After years of handling intricate FMCG retail data, I grew my passion in working with complex data and transforming them into actionable insights through advanced excel and visualisation tools, working with NielsenIQ in Myanmah on global insight data projects. In pursuit of continuous growth, I moved to South Australia in mid-2022 studying a Master of Business Analytics at Kaplan Business School. 
    Journalist and Editor of Think!

    Mahalia is a journalist with a drive to dive deep into the stories of people, brands and communities. Before coming to Square Holes, she has worked across a number of media roles, from commercial radio in Sydney to a magazine named after a popular smallgood in Adelaide. Cyndi Lauper once taught her how to skin a squirrel and Brad Pitt complimented her tattoos, but these days she delves into the impact of social media on society and the wide breadth of clients undertaking research with Square Holes.

    Why Square Holes: “Balancing qualitative and quantitative research approaches, seeking new approaches and the problem solving and influencing change is very rewarding, and it is great to be increasingly getting more and more impactful and interesting projects.” Jason

    General Manager

    Christine is a Qualified Practicing Researcher (QPR) who leads and supports the team across a range of function including project and methodology design, reporting, quality control, industry standards and ISO accreditation. She is highly experienced in all aspects of market research, and our quality control guru, ensuring that your project is a success through project planning for optimal research outputs and accuracy. Christine is also an avid reader outside of work, making her way through all manner of books from Science Fiction to the Classics.

    Field Manager

    Carolyn manages Square Holes’ project recruitment and Field Team. She is highly experienced in the recruitment of focus group and in-depth interview participants, face-to-face survey and other team management. Carolyn is the managerial engineer of the right voices making their way into your focus groups and interviews, and right people conducting your field research and face-to-face surveys. On a personal note, Carolyn has a background in Corporate Training and Management and is interested in understanding self and others, plays competitive netball and can catch a fish.

    Why Square Holes: “I enjoy helping to tell their stories and I’m deeply inquisitive by nature. Core values that align with the Square Holes ethos.” Mahalia

    + global network we are ever nurtuing

    Square Holes has established a local and global partner network of human-curious market researchers, cultural insight experts and strategists who collaborate on client projects and contribute to Think! our weekly eMag exploring all things real people.

    Curious to join?

    Explore employment or collaboration opportunities with Square Holes as we continue to grow across Adelaide, Melbourne, and beyond, building on 20 years of success. We seek ever curious and analytical thinkers with a passion for driving an evolving narrative, flourishing cities, and growing businesses through data-driven research. You’ll tackle diverse projects that impact public policies and corporate strategies. Join us to shape the future with fresh perspectives in a collaborative environment.

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