Cultural Immersion

Credit: Thomas McCammon

Deeply understanding real people

Since 2004 Square Holes has been exploring the cultures in which we live, locally and globally. This research is driven by a deep curiosity about the people and cultures that form our diverse country. Culture is everything – music, technology, arts, sport, lifestyle, food, health, welfare, homes, our environment and society.

The beauty in exploring people and culture is unearthing the intriguing patterns that emerge. The social and shopping behaviours, etiquette, custom and ideas. Unmet gaps and problems; niche segments and opportunities, and inspiration for solutions.

Fresh perspective

Square Holes balances expertise and openness to new evidence, through finding consistencies and celebrating the difference that inspire local cultures to flourish and brands to grow globally. Your brand or organisation doesn’t exist in a homogeneous society, so let us give you the tools to broaden your reach.

Exploring cultural bubbles

Square Holes has explored mass populations and niche segments, migrant cultures and first nation perspectives. We have engaged young people, through to seniors, and studied multiculturalism, interculturalism, diverse values, gender and otherwise. Tracking the rhythm of our people, their moods, quality of life, drivers and changing conversations.

Nudging the cultural narrative from ‘we are here’ to …
future is here.’

Two strategic benefits

1. Flourishing cultures

Square Holes’ research has played a critical role in shaping the cultural narrative. This has included work in reducing negative societal behaviours; creating a vibrant cultural sector; informing government policy and social welfare priorities; enhancing schools and universities; guiding population growth strategies; and supporting flourishing cities and towns. We help local cultures to map the realities of today and inspire opportunities for the future.

2. New market growth

Square Holes provides cultural insight to brands seeking to grow locally and globally into new markets. This includes, but is not limited to, local and export market research, new product and brand development and exploring cultural diversity. Australian brands seeking local, national and export growth. International brands seeking opportunities in Australia.

Finding consistencies and celebrating the difference

Cultural research

We have conducted more than 2,000 studies on people and culture including consumer brands and products and wider consumer products,  business to business (B2B), education, government and public.

Be the change!

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