Cultural Immersion

Credit: Thomas McCammon

Inspired by real people, cultural insights to optimise growth and innovation

Beyond the category

Square Holes’ research plays a critical role in understanding the real people who make up our cities and communities, the local cultural fabric, and business opportunities. This may be exploring the general population to best understand their lives and pain points, or to explore overlooked niche segments based on demographics, cultural background, behavioural or other factors.

Strategic insight

Cultural insight is empathy with real people beyond the category. No brand is an island, and how businesses create brands that fit with the cultural context will enhance relevance (and sales). Customer service better aligning to how people live, barriers to purchase, breaking the category status quo. New products better aligned to simple unmet needs.

Nudging the cultural narrative from ‘we are here’ to …
‘future is here.’

Multicultural growth

Our work for alcohol group Lion Co centred on understanding how young people from across Asia, India and the Middle East socialise and celebrate with family and friends, towards creating new opportunities for cultural empathy, improved marketing and new product development to enable growth, and informed internal cultural diversity policy. Change happens from within.

The hobby trend

Square Holes’ work for Cooper’s Home Brew explored the collision of pandemic hobby boom, cost of living pressures, changing alcohol attitudes and behaviours and a desire to better understand diverse market segments drivers and barriers.

Cordial trends

Icon cordial brand Bickford’s was keen to discover new flavours to celebrate its 150th birthday. Square Holes was happy to help explore unmet demand and reactions to concepts and trends overseas in Australia across cordial and juice.

Growth in UK and US

Our research for leading consumer metal detector brand Minelab explored in parallel the UK and UK markets for consistencies, differences, the core traditional market and emerging and wider growth opportunities overlooked by the category.

Finding consistencies and celebrating the difference

Two specialist areas …

1. Business growth

Square Holes’ research for decade for Award-winning overlanding equipment developer and manufacturer Redarc has guided expansion beyond grey nomads. Working with Haigh’s pulled high value sales away from the global brands. A decade of research for 100+ year old family owned builder Hansen Yuncken highlighted growth opportunities from major project stakeholders such as the Government.

2. Flourishing cities

Square Holes’ research extends beyond borders to create a more inclusive and culturally rich society, including research since 2020 tracking loneliness to more than 14 years researching the future of film with the Adelaide Film Festival and support with the creation of buy local campaigns.

Embrace the richness of our cultural tapestry

First nations

Square Holes’ research with first nations communities over two decades has helped understand complexities and opportunities to provide better government and community support and make social progress, including health promotion campaigns, education pathways and to overcome cultural gaps.

Population growth

Square Holes worked with the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. to inform and monitor the ‘New State of Mind‘ campaign to shift the cultural narrative amongst young people and to drive population growth. In this era of remote working and seeking balance, the campaign successfully nudged under 40’s in Sydney and Melbourne a better life in South Australia.

New sporting stadium

Square Holes worked with critical partners Adelaide Oval, SACA, AFL, Government and other Adelaide Riverbank stakeholders over more than a decade to support this once in a life-time renewal. Our research worked closely with the Adelaide Oval and Skycity redevelopments and wider area rejuvenation.

Overcoming unfairness

Or deep multi-decade research in sectors such as education illustrate socio-economic, privilege and other divides and priories for leaders to make policy, budget, infrastructure investment and other critical changes to close the gaps that should not exist in such a wealthy country as Australia.

No business operates in isolation. Opportunity comes from exploring beyond

Data integrity

Square Holes maintains the highest standards in privacy and data protection, adhering to ISO 20252 and The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our methodologies incorporate statistical models and representative sampling for reliable data analysis, supported by secure data storage solutions, especially crucial for our work with government and other high-security-demand organisations. This commitment guarantees that our research is not only effective but also meets ethical and legal requirements, enhancing decision-making processes.

Be the change!

Square Holes has and always will be inspired by real people. If you are a human-curious leader, please send us a brief. If you are real person wanting to inform decision-makers, join our community.

Curiosity as to who real people are, inspires the unimaginable

How can we help you?

Each of Square Holes’ clients is unique. The best first step is an informal  discussion – phone or email us. How might research help you to optimise growth, innovation or other aspirations? We work with small to large organisations, and customise options to budget and other realities.

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