Cultural Immersion

Credit: Thomas McCammon

Market research and cultural insight to drive change

Helping brands grow locally and globally by exploring and shaping cultural narratives

Popping bubbles

We help leaders think beyond their mental bubbles and implicit biases by exploring diverse community segments, values, and perspectives to understand cultural patterns, moods, and drivers.

BIG and small data

Our research explores cultures by combining small and big data to gain an immersion with real people and a helicopter view of cultural patterns. This includes up close and personal interactions, focus groups, and big data analysis of population, socio-economics and behavioural patterns.

Nudging the cultural narrative from ‘we are here’ to …
future is here.’

Two strategic benefits

1. Flourishing cultures

Our work with government and community organisations shapes cultural narratives through research, impacting social behaviours, government policies, education, and population growth to inspire flourishing local cultures.

2. New market growth

Square Holes helps brands grow by offering cultural insights and market research for both local and global expansion.

Finding consistencies and celebrating the difference

Be the change!

Join the Square Holes community and help shape the world by providing cultural insights as a paid trend hunter. Connect with thousands of members and influence leaders in government, business and other organisations by testing and inspiring big ideas, ads, and products. Make a difference and be a part of building better products, technology, advertising, and more.

We love sharing consumer trends and cultural insight from our eclectic studies

Our awe inspiring researchers are available to share all things culture, brands and real people for your next conference, in-house professional development or panel.

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