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Each of Square Holes’ clients is unique.

The best first step is an informal  discussion – phone or email us, or provide more information via the form below and we will contact you with haste. How might research help you to optimise growth, innovation or other aspirations? We work with small to large organisations, and customise options to budget and other realities.

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  • Strategic nature of the project and any relevant facts or previous research relevant to the project
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  • Other critical deadlines/milestones?
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Strategic precision and minimising wasted spends. Increasing effectiveness of marketing, customer retention, product innovation and new market entry. Easy to read analysis reports to optimise decision-making. Reducing investment waste, and evidence-based modelling and confidence for growth.

Annual programs range from $20,000 to $50,000, adaptable to budgets ($5,000 to $100,000+). Proposals offer fixed-cost options, aligning with financial constraints. Government grants may subsidise research costs.

Square Holes clients tend to partner with us for 5-10+ year research programs, nurturing growth and innovation. Our ad hoc projects require 3-12 weeks depending on scope, and we are agile, efficient and to client timelines.

Data integrity

Square Holes maintains the highest standards in privacy and data protection, adhering to ISO 20252 and The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our methodologies incorporate statistical models and representative sampling for reliable data analysis, supported by secure data storage solutions, especially crucial for our work with government and other high-security-demand organisations. This commitment guarantees that our research is not only effective but also meets ethical and legal requirements, enhancing decision-making processes.

Let’s review your needs

Another way to start is with a 2-3 hour workshop led by Square Holes’ research and data experts.

We’ll assess your current and previous research and data collection and utilisation methods, exploring both used and untapped data sources. We’ll suggest opportunities for improving your in-house surveys, advice on improving response rates / reliability, panel development, KPI setting, analysis enhancements, reporting and interactive dashboard options and strategies to address gaps. A remote workshop and audit, including a report, is a fixed price from under $3,000 AUD depending on client needs.

Contact us to learn more – phone or email.

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