“I’ve been stuck at home for about five weeks and it makes me want to go to school more. It makes me really excited to go to school.”

- Primary school student May 2020, Watch >




Cultural trends

Square Holes regularly shares trends and insights our research team has been monitoring since 2004 through media, speaking and other platforms.

Square Holes conducts ongoing mind and mood research, as well as other studies exploring cultural trends, behaviour change, market entry and growth and evidence based marketing. This includes expert perspective for print, radio and television media, writing for newspaper, magazine and online publications, speaking, podcasting and other opportunities.

Founder of Square Holes Jason Dunstone has 25 years (50,000+ hours) experience researching people (focus groups, surveys, other data, directing projects etc), and consulting CEOs, management, government, leading advertising agencies and boards to help businesses grow and move hard to budge consumer behaviours. Jason is a prolific writer on all things human centred and has hosted more than 50 episodes on his podcast 'Real People' conducting in-depth interviews with leading experts and thinkers from across the world. Jason's current areas of curiosity include - the impact of COVID 19 on human attitudes and behavour, counterbalancing globalisation, the trend towards supporting local and brand 'joy' and kindness.

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Square Holes is also available to provide education and other support in the following areas ...

Cultural trends and insights

Behaviour change strategies

Market entry and growth

Research methodology

Survey design, theory and analysis

Evidence based marketing


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