Flourishing Cities

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Inspired by real people, optimising the human aspects of flourishing cities

Research to drive an evolving narrative, behaviour change and support leaders in education, environment, government, health, infrastructure, housing, arts, sport, culture, lifestyle and economy. We partner with human-curious planners, marketers, visionaries and strategists to inform policy, planning and future priorities.

“It’s very tangible, specific data, that helps us develop the stories that we want to tell in our marketing, and our social media, et cetera. Otherwise, you’re making decisions based on anecdotes, and that can be misleading,” Elaine Bensted, CE Zoos SA

Evolving narrative

An evolving narrative is vital for keeping a city dynamic, adaptable, and forward-thinking. Square Holes’ research plays a crucial role in guiding this evolution, ensuring growth and sustainability through informed strategic decisions.

Behaviour change

Applying evidence-based behaviour change models support liveable cities, including aspects of health and wellbeing. Square Holes’ research provides data-driven insights to enhance the effectiveness of behaviour change promotion and intervention.

Square Holes has boosted urban lifestyles through key research in arts, culture, sports, and sustainability. Collaborating with the Adelaide Film Festival and Adelaide Oval, they’ve enhanced cultural offerings and revitalized venues, increasing tourism and community engagement. Their work with Zoos SA has furthered conservation efforts, and their urban planning insights have significantly improved city livability.

Square Holes has spurred economic growth by providing strategic insights to businesses, start-ups, and government. Collaborating with _SOUTHSTART, Flinders University’s New Venture Institute, and industries from wine to technology, they have developed innovative growth strategies and supported robust economic development. Their involvement with the Master Builders Association, Chambers of Commerce, and ‘New State of Mind’ campaign has rejuvenated local economies and attracted younger demographics.

Square Holes has significantly impacted community services through research that informs education, health, government, and safety sectors. They lead behavior change campaigns addressing issues like smoking, road safety, and domestic violence. Collaborating with educational and health institutions, and government, their insights help develop effective, inclusive programs that enhance service delivery and address societal challenges, improving community well-being and safety.

Square Holes drives urban enhancement with research on housing and urban consolidation, including multifaceted brand and stakeholder analysis for infrastructure departments. Partnering with authorities like Renewal SA and SA Housing Authority, their insights shape strategic planning for sustainable developments in areas such as Playford and Bowden, making them a crucial partner for data-driven urban development.

20 years of data

Square Holes has played a pivotal role in supporting flourishing cities by conducting insightful research that guides government, planners, and visionaries. Their extensive work, spanning various domains such as lifestyle, economy, education, health, and the built environment, has helped shape culturally rich and inclusive societies. Their projects have ranged from tracking loneliness to promoting sustainability, and from supporting first nations communities to guiding the development of new sports stadiums. Square Holes’ research has been instrumental in addressing socio-economic disparities, fostering local economies, and enhancing cultural and environmental awareness, all of which are key pillars of thriving cities.

Return on investment

Square Holes’ research over two decades has significantly enhanced urban economic and social landscapes. Their insights have fostered economic growth, informed effective policies, and improved community services, leading to better city planning and enhanced public health. This strategic guidance has efficiently used public funds and more economically buoyant and liveable cities, with positive values, creating attractive and sustainable urban environments.

“The Square Holes research was foundational in helping us to secure longevity of funding, removing the historical challenges we’ve faced over ambiguity on this front.” Danielle Seymour, Director at _SOUTHSTART

“We knew that there were historical insights available, and we really wanted to get a refreshed view of those, so it made sense to come back to Square Holes.” Jessica Douglas, Manager of Brand SA, in the Department for Trade and Investment

History education

Square Holes worked with the History Trust of South Australia to research teachers, influencers, parents, school students and the wider community as to attitudes to local history, how well or otherwise it is taught in schools and how to better engage students moving forward.

Steering the economy

Square Holes’ research has been critical in illuminating the realities of small and larger business sectors and how to best support their survival and growth. This includes the critical start-up and established business ecosystem to flourish.

“The independent parent survey, which was established with Square Holes, was aimed at ensuring every parent of every child that left every school was given an opportunity to undertake a survey and voice either their satisfaction or their dissatisfaction in regards to reasons for departure.” Uby Faddoul, Strategy Coordinator, CESA

Cultural impact

Conducting critical arts and culture research to inform government, planners and funders of the critical role and how to best ensure survival. Beyond jobs creation and economy, our research has played a critical role in illustrating the cultural value of the arts and festivals, including lifestyle and visitor attraction.

Building our cities

Two-decades, five terms of government and on-going research studies to help inform transport, infrastructure and housing planning. High level stakeholder consultation to gain candid feedback for government, to community needs and engagement on the overall system to geographic affordable housing needs to controversial built environment projects needing to move forward, yet with care.

“I’m fairly hands on, so having that collaborative approach to how we did the journey mapping was important to me. Getting the option of feedback from our internal stakeholders, our call centre team as well as the customer base – Square Holes offered the whole solution for us.” Mark Howard, Senior Manager, Membership Services Ambulance Victoria

Data integrity

Square Holes maintains the highest standards in privacy and data protection, adhering to ISO 20252 and The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our methodologies incorporate statistical models and representative sampling for reliable data analysis, supported by secure data storage solutions, especially crucial for our work with government and other high-security-demand organisations. This commitment guarantees that our research is not only effective but also meets ethical and legal requirements, enhancing decision-making processes.

How can we help you?

Each of Square Holes’ clients is unique. The best first step is an informal  discussion – phone or email us. How might research help you to optimise growth, innovation or other aspirations? We work with small to large organisations, and customise options to budget and other realities.

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