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“We have worked with Square Holes on a range of research projects and always found the insights not just interesting and insightful but very valuable in setting strategic directions.”

– Executive Director, Government Department

Since launching from South Australia in late 2004 we’ve delivered robust inspiration to help make the world better.

Inspiration built on ISO 20252 certified substance (International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research).

Square Holes conducts and publishes customised explorative research on key markets, customers and population segments. We also provide associated consulting and support to ignite positive business and social behaviour change. This includes concept development and testing and monitoring of cultural trends, customer sentiment, brand health and marketing performance. Topics have traversed education to enhancing recycling and the development of strategic interventions to minimise smoking prevalance, problem gambling, unsafe alcohol consumption, other health issues, road accidents and relationship abuse. Brand categories explored have included the multi-dimensional lives of people from the arts, to banking, chocolate, to x-rays, youth services and zoos. How to reduce bad habits, evolve society, entice customers, enter new markets and prosper.

Square Holes project examples …

  • Segmenting adult population’s distinctive education needs professionally and personally
  • Exploring attitudes to ageing and elder abuse, community understanding and need for intervention
  • Deeply understanding the caravan, 4WD and camping section in Australia and trends
  • Working with city public transport refining user digital planning tools
  • Testing and refining logo, identity and marketing strategy to grow brands
  • Support to optimise price and value perception for a major tourist attraction
  • Medium to long term tracking of impact of social marketing on risky attitudes and behaviour
  • 5-10+ year tracking of customer satisfaction, NPS, priorities to improve and other key metrics
  • On-going tracking of brand value, advertising recall, propensity to buy and other marketing metrics

Three core Square Holes research services

Illumination studies

Understand the stories, beliefs and behaviours of key markets, customers and population segments.

Concept testing and development

Involve prospective users and audience in testing and refining new products, marketing and other concepts.

Performance monitoring

Define and monitor key performance indicators, and identify priority strategy adjustments to enhance impact.

Square Holes conducts research for a wide-range of government, commercial and other clients.

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