“So, trying to demonstrate boldness, and braveness, and solidity and strength, and we’re not going anywhere messages. The research helped us identify in that brand journey.”

– Louise Hansen, Hansen Yuncken

A fresh approach to B2B research

Square Holes has a strong background in providing business to business (B2B) evaluation, with our research producing strategic analysis of the current state of the market, allowing clients to isolate and set key priorities. We assist B2B clients in monitoring their Net Promoter and other satisfaction scores and identifying priorities to improve service, build positive word-of-mouth, target B2B advertising and marketing strategies, and guide strategic growth.

Business-to-business research applications …
  • Key stakeholder feedback
  • Monitoring of NPS and other KPIs
  • Market positioning and growth opportunities
  • Customer journey and innovation mapping
  • Brand positioning and enhancement
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