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“It’s incredibly useful for us to have a consistent data set that explains what’s going on in the community in terms of loneliness and tracks the rates of loneliness that as an organisation we can refer to when we are developing strategies and policy solutions.”

– Rachael Pearse, Uniting Communities

Research to help grow flourishing communities

Square Holes’ experience in behaviour change has helped inform the development of strategic interventions to minimise smoking prevalence, problem gambling, unsafe alcohol consumption, road accidents and relationship abuse – as well as guiding information campaigns around natural disasters and necessary interventions to local environs. Our studies have also covered a wide range of content from performance and satisfaction measures through to campaign testing and branding. The insights and data we have provided have informed key elements of different department Strategic Plans, and guide future innovation and development.

Government & community research applications …
  • Behaviour change research
  • Population growth / sentiment tracking
  • Policy research
  • Customer / citizen research
  • Ad development, testing and monitoring

Case studies

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