Cultural Vibrancy | Assets

“We like to actually test what we think, test our hypotheses. That’s where Square Holes as an independent firm can do that. That can at times be scary, the results may not be what we suspect they could be, but at least we are dealing with reality.”

– Mat Kesting, Adelaide Film Festival

Strategic insight to enhance cultural vibrancy

Square Holes is proud of the varied and in-depth work we have done to support the Arts in South Australia. Our studies have also covered a wide range of content from performance and satisfaction measures through to campaign testing and branding. The insights and data we have provided have informed key elements of different Strategic Plans, helped guide future innovation and development and provided vital statistics and anecdotes to substantiate worth to stakeholders.

Cultural research applications …
  • Cultural infrastructure prioritisation
  • Economic and cultural festival impact
  • Brand and product development
  • Government and funding evidence support
  • Ad development, testing and monitoring
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