Specialist Sectors

“The research led to a rethink of our pricing strategy, to a rethink of the features of each of our products.”

– George Giannakodakis, Read >

Good research generates an insight, and a strategic KAPOW! Something changes for the better. Progress is made.

An awe inspiring future created.

Evidence-based consulting

Square Holes provides evidence-based insight and strategic consulting based on extensive research since 2004.

Cultural trends

Opportunities in this ever-changing world, diverse cultures, evolving society. Tech, and other trends, globalisation, pain-points.
‘What next?’

Behaviour change

Application of behavioural psychology and behavioural economics models, including cognitive bias and heuristics to drive change.

Market entry and growth

Assisting market entry and growth, including sizing the market, finding product-market-fit, customers, pricing and wider strategy.

Evidence based marketing

Ensuring marketing is based on fact more so than fantasy as to impact on brand growth, and optimising marketing effectiveness.

Four steps to drive change

We recommend and provide support in following four steps to drive change …

Problem definition

Taking time to pause and unpack the ‘BURNING DECK’, hypothesis, barriers, gaps and opportunities prior to taking the next step.

Insight collection

Gather evidence to understand the STORIES, beliefs and behaviours of key markets, customers and population segments.

Ideas prioritisation

Filter the many ideas as to strategic value and ease of implementation. More simple strategic ideas. Plan the complex BIG IDEAS.

Agility and action

The biggest impediment to strategic growth is inaction, so IMPLEMENT. Then monitor, listen, observe, adjust and set priorities.

Case studies

Square Holes conducts 100+ customised research projects each year, so please contact Square Holes to discuss case studies more aligned with your key markets, customers and population segments.

Categories include youth, brands, arts and culture, government, business-to-business, education, technology and ageing.

A few of our favourite long-term clients …

“The research gave us the confidence to build a range of facilities that could be sold and allowed us to price these in a manner that would maximise revenue for a sustained period.”

– Darren Chandler, Read >

Strategic kapow

Square Holes works with clients however needed to optimise the value of the research.

Strategic frameworks

Building on robust research, strategic frameworks to guide planning and creative development.

Brief writing

Support in writing briefs building on research to send to designers, freelancers and agencies.

Concept testing

Involve users and audience in testing and refining new products, marketing and other concepts.

Strategic support

Project management and other input and support to help in the implementation and optimising Kapow!

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