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Inspired by real people, an evolving cultural narrative, growing businesses and flourishing cities through data-driven research

Tailored methodology

How might research help you to optimise growth, innovation or other aspirations? We work with small to large clients, and customise options to budget and other realities, based on two decades of brand, customer and culture tracking.

Data review workshop

We’ll assess your current data collection and research, suggest opportunities for improving in-house surveys and data collection, valuable external data, interactive dashboard options and strategies to address gaps.

We partner with our clients to understand how to add on-going strategic value. Our multi-year bipartisan government and cross-functional business partnerships are testimony to the trust and value delivered.

“We used the data from the research to see where the future of the association was headed, what our members thought of us, where the areas of improvement needed to be, where there may be some dissatisfaction, and what actions we could be taking,” Marissa Hankinson Master Builders SA

BIG and small data

All projects are customised to the client research need. Some of the research methodologies we use include Affinity Discussions, ‘BIG’ Data, Digital Clinic, Ethnography, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Online Communities, Online Focus Groups, Semiotics, Statistical Analysis, Workshops, and Surveys (including Telephone Surveys, Online Surveys, Face-to-Face Surveys, and Hybrid Surveys).

Small data >

Immersion with real people

Engaging directly with individuals and groups in their natural environment through methods such as focus groups, one-on-one conversations, observation, and video, ethnographic and semiotic analysis, in order to gain insight into their behaviours, preferences, and values.

BIG data >

A helicopter view of patterns

Obtaining a broad perspective of trends and patterns through the use of various methods, such as surveys, behavioral data, and population statistics. This involves collecting, analysing, and conceptualising data to identify consistencies, differences, and opportunities.

As valuable as ABC

A. Blue sky reality exploration

Delve deep into market and cultural insights, analysing existing data and uncovering new benchmarks and patterns to guide human-centred decision makers.

“We engaged the services of Square Holes to look at our service offering and to create a benchmark Net Promoter Score (NPS). We also wanted to look at the different sort of touch points, but also really learn from our autistic clients themselves about what services and support they’re needing, how that’s working, where there might be gaps, and what new programs might be possible.” Belinda Autism SA

B. Test ideas with real people

Square Holes involves citizens, customers, users and audiences in concept testing and development for new products, marketing and other ideas. Permission to be brave with more than blind faith.

“The research led to a rethink of our pricing strategy, a rethink about the features of each of our products, and led us to make some small adjustments that we thought were necessary to gain more traction in the marketplace,” George Giannakodakis PointData

C. Monitoring KPIs and trends

Key performance indicator (KPI) setting and monitoring through primary and secondary data and interactive dashboards. Combined focus groups, expert interview and other qualitative data. Evidence based competitive advantage.

Research outputs

A key output of Square Holes research is customised and visually clear reports that are tailored to the project and readership. We utilise various media, including video, to communicate research findings and produce interactive dashboards, data visualisations and other insight tools depending on the project needs. Beyond the report, Square Holes is ever seeking to support clients in implementing and optimising their projects for success.

Examples of how our reporting is tailored to clients

An easy to read 30-100 page report is typically provided, tailored with Square Holes contemporary aesthetic styling. This depends on the nature of the project, and can range from a brief executive summary, presentation, to more comprehensive reporting of multiple research methodologies and stages.

For tracking and data rich projects we also create interactive dashboard, data visualisation and other insight tools. This provides clients with dynamic reporting capabilities, real time tracking and enhanced sharing and engagement across teams.

Video and other media is also used where appropriate and budget permits by Square Holes to optimally communicate the research story and key insights to the team. We use both in-house, established freelance and film industry networks to suit all budgets, audiences and client needs, from highlight edits of focus group to more highly produced documentary executions.

Full-service research agency

Square Holes is a full-service research agency that takes a pragmatic and best-practice approach to its research services. We provide end-to-end solutions, from recruitment, data collection to analysis and consulting, and offer best practice quality control standards and robust methodologies. We are proud of our first-class team of qualified researchers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Support beyond the research

Strategic frameworks

Building on robust research, strategic frameworks to guide planning and creative development.

Brief writing

Support in writing briefs building on research to send to designers, freelancers and agencies.

Concept testing

Involve users and audience in testing and refining new products, marketing and other concepts.

Strategic support

Project management and other support to help in implementation and optimising Kapow!

Data integrity

Square Holes adheres to the highest local and global privacy and data protection legislation, aligning with best practices in every aspect of our research. We operate under ISO 20252 standards and strictly comply with The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014, ensuring top-tier data security and confidentiality. Our methodologies are rigorously applied, employing statistical models and representative sampling for precise benchmarking and reliable modeling. We provide secure data storage solutions, essential for our work with government entities and organisations that demand the utmost in data protection. This commitment ensures that our research is not only effective but also ethically sound and legally compliant, facilitating informed decision-making.

“The research certainly uncovered many issues affecting our members — and we were able to use that evidence to prosecute our case to SAPOL and the state government.” Mark Carroll Police Association

How can we help you?

Each of Square Holes’ clients is unique. The best first step is an informal  discussion – phone or email us. How might research help you to optimise growth, innovation or other aspirations? We work with small to large organisations, and customise options to budget and other realities.

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