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Credit: Thomas McCammon

Best practice in Australian export market research and cultural insight

Square Holes has researched extensively throughout Australia, including urban, rural, and remote areas. We have studied Indigenous populations, diverse cultures and immigrant communities, and individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds. Our journey began in South Australia, and has traversed Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe, and Oceania.

Export research services include measurement and mapping current and potential geographic markets, including the financial size of the opportunity, competitors and market shares, brand positioning, and gaps in the market.

Square Holes uses qualitative research and ethnography to deeply explore the market and uncover hidden quirks. The research also covers consumer needs and dynamics, as well as the needs and perspectives of customers, distributors, and influencers to illuminate the market.

Credit: Thomas McCammon
Credit: Thomas McCammon


All projects are customised to the client research need. Some of the research methodologies we use include Affinity Discussions, ‘BIG’ Data, Digital Clinic, Ethnography, Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Online Communities, Online Focus Groups, Semiotics, Statistical Analysis, Workshops, and Surveys (including Telephone Surveys, Online Surveys, Face-to-Face Surveys, and Hybrid Surveys).

Inspiration built on ISO 20252 certified quality standards

We take pride in our ISO 20252 certified quality standards, which is an International ISO standard for market, social, and opinion research. At Square Holes, we are committed to working to the highest privacy, quality, and ethics standards, and we always invest and commit to these standards. We are also endorsed by the AMSRO Trust Mark for Privacy, Quality, and Ethics, and we abide by the privacy standards of The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our research team are members of the Research Society, which ensures that the information gathered is accurate, ethical, and goes beyond minimal privacy regulations.

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We help brands grow locally and globally by exploring and shaping cultural narratives.

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