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“What has been one of the stand out points in the data is that the reputation of the school is what draws and attracts the parent decision in choosing the school. It is when the expectations of that reputation are not met, that early departures occur.”

– Uby Faddoul, Catholic Education SA

Research to enhance education

Our education clients have included major projects to help inform decision making and how to reduce stress surrounding picking the right school—from early childhood to primary school and high school, onto tertiary education. This has helped inform broader strategies, including brand and marketing strategies. We have helped guide engagement and wider initiatives for adult education providers such as TAFE, as well as deliver key insights to underpin new programs for leading institutions. Our studies have formed the basis for the development of innovative post graduate programs, including the University of Adelaide’s Masters of Agribusiness – the first of its kind in Australia.

Education research applications include …
  • Brand positioning
  • Strategic priorities and growth
  • New campus exploration
  • Exiting student monitoring
  • Ad development, testing and monitoring
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