20 years of on-going and impactful South Australian Government research 

Over two decades Square Holes have partnered with a plethora of South Australian Government departments on research projects that have helped shape public policy and form the basis for strategic planning.  

Since 2004, we have worked with the state on projects across key departments including Education, Health, Premier and Cabinet, Transport and Infrastructure, Environment, and arts and culture. Spanning five terms of government, our work with the state government has involved a broad spectrum of significant projects that have helped shape the region’s development and policy landscape. This has been enacted through: 

1: Historical Data Tracking 

Through meticulous data collection spanning years, Square Holes has provided a comprehensive view of trends and shifts in public opinion, economics, and social dynamics. This historical perspective is invaluable for informed decision-making and long-term planning. 

Clients include: Brand SA, TAFE SA, Department of Premiere and Cabinet + more

 2: Policy Impact and Development 

Our research directly informs policymaking, offering insights into program efficacy and community needs. This facilitates tailored initiatives across sectors like health, education, and urban planning, ensuring policies are responsive to the evolving needs of the populace. 

Clients include: Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, SA Health, Cancer Council SA + more

  1. Strategic Planning and Evaluation

Square Holes evaluates past and current initiatives, enabling the government to understand their impact and refine future strategies. From concept testing for urban development to pre-and-post campaign survey tracking, their approach ensures proactive governance. 

Clients include: Breast Screen SA, Renewal SA, Environment Protection Agency, Department of Education, Green Industries SA + more

  1. Enhancing Public Services

By refining public services based on community insights, Square Holes contributes to improved healthcare, education, and transportation systems. Our research informs the optimisation of services like Services SA and Adelaide Metro, making them more responsive and efficient. 

Clients include: Services SA, Adelaide Metro, Department of Infrastructure and Transport, Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia + more

  1. Fostering Innovation

Square Holes identifies emerging trends and demographics, encouraging innovative approaches to governance and community engagement.  

Clients include: Commission on Excellent and Innovation in Health, Revenue SA + more

Square Holes have also played a role in projects surrounding the identity of the state, as well as helping to support the positioning of South Australia locally, interstate and overseas – including initiatives such as SA Make the Move, Brand South Australia, I Choose SA and ‘A New State of Mind’ campaign.  

Over our 20 years in the business we have proven our ability to deliver on the evolving priorities of our government, as well as building a rapport and strong reputation that endures with departments, even with frequent turnover of staff.  We believe this is because our work, and years of experience, speaks for itself.

Our ethos as a company is to help “drive an evolving narrative, behaviour change and support leaders in education, environment, government, health, infrastructure, housing, arts, sport, culture, lifestyle and economy.”

A dynamic and evolving narrative is essential for maintaining a city’s adaptability and forward momentum. Square Holes’ research is instrumental in steering this narrative, guaranteeing growth and sustainability through well-informed strategic choices.

Behavioural change is integral to fostering healthy livable cities, especially in aspects of health and well-being. Square Holes’ research offers data-driven insights that bolster the efficacy of behaviour change initiatives, leveraging evidence-based models to drive positive outcomes.    

Overall, Square Holes’ contributions have been integral to the South Australian government’s ability to make well-informed decisions that foster long-term growth and stability, enhancing the quality of life for its citizens and strengthening the state’s infrastructure and reputation. 

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Jason recently wrote the below about our research to support social marketing and creative development and evaluation.

Our first client (October 2004) was the Government of South Australia

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