Growth, inspired by real people. Our mission is to partner with human-curious leaders to optimise growth and innovation through tailored on-going market research and cultural insight programs. Inspiring Business Growth and Flourishing Cities (education, government, culture, economy…) since 2004.

Square Holes’ research plays a critical role in understanding the real people who make up our cities and communities. The local / global cultural fabric. Inspiring business growth and innovation.

Business growth

We partner with marketers, leaders and innovators to optimise their marketing, customer, new market and product innovation budgets.

Bob, Adelaide | Photo Credit: Thomas Blah (title)

Flourishing cities

Research to drive an evolving narrative, behaviour change and support leaders in education, environment, government, health, infrastructure, housing, arts, sport, culture, lifestyle and economy.


Weekly update on consumer and cultural trends from Square Holes’ research. ‘Free’ every Fri 9:30am AEST

“How can we add on-going value?” This is the question we ask clients. Our multi-year partnerships are testimony to  trust and value delivered. Two decades of brand, customer and culture longitudinal tracking. Tailored primary and secondary quantitative / qualitative data programs.

Each of Square Holes’ clients is unique. First step, contact us.