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Inspired by real people, Square Holes partners with human-curious leaders to optimise growth and innovation through tailored on-going market research and cultural insight programs. Inspiring growth since 2004.

We partner with marketers, leaders and innovators to optimise their marketing, customer and product innovation budgets. Realities, feedback and monitoring to drive growth and impactful innovation.

“We just have to understand it (the different markets), and then do the work to build the brand presence and essentially work out what this means to our customers and how we can help them. And also, we need to be true to who we are and what we are about. Because we want to bring our clients on a journey with that.” Louise Hansen, Hansen Yuncken

Business growth

Business growth is crucial for increasing profitability, creating jobs, fostering innovation, and enhancing competitiveness in an ever-evolving market landscape. Square Holes’ research helps illuminate the future.


To remain competitive and adapting to evolving market realities requires disciplined innovation. Our research provides insights into target market realities, and priorities, enabling clients to outpace category growth rates.

Square Holes leverages advanced research methodologies to drive brand growth, focusing on aligning with cultural and category trends and behaviors. Our strategic insights enable businesses to enhance brand relevance and engagement, resulting in significant increases in market share and revenue, thus proving the effectiveness of brand-focused research for sustainable growth.

Square Holes uses journey mapping, customer NPS, satisfaction assessments, and continuous feedback monitoring to enhance the customer experience. This strategy improves retention and increases average spending by consistently refining customer interactions, fostering loyalty, and driving sustainable business growth through a robust, satisfied customer base.

Square Holes uses sophisticated methodologies to optimise products and observational ethnography to enhance new product development and refine existing offerings. By identifying market gaps and consumer pain points, user feedback helps identify any gaps or risks, and further research provides strategic insights into pricing, distribution, and packaging, helping businesses innovate and differentiate effectively to boost sales and market presence.

Square Holes guides businesses into new markets by conducting comprehensive research to map potential opportunities, assess competitors, and understand market shares and brand positioning. Utilising qualitative research, ethnography and other methodologies, we delve deep into consumer needs, distributors, and influencers and dynamics different in one market over another, market sizing and cost-benefit analysis as to value in pursuing.

20 years of data

Square Holes leverages nearly two decades of research, data, and refined methodologies to offer strategic insights, helping businesses benchmark against market trends and consumer behaviors effectively. This extensive experience supports precise forecasting and informed decision-making, facilitating successful market entry, product innovation, and brand development. Square Holes’ depth of knowledge is crucial for crafting strategies that drive substantial business growth.

Return on investment

Square Holes delivers exceptional ROI by steering strategic decisions and preventing financial waste, crucial for business growth. Our rigorous market research helps businesses avoid costs from unsuccessful advertising, product failures, and poor market entries. By providing data-driven insights, we optimise operations and validate new business strategies, ensuring targeted and effective investments. This approach saves money and significantly boosts revenue, positioning Square Holes as an invaluable partner for businesses looking to enhance their market stance and profitability.

“The research led to a rethink of our pricing strategy, a rethink about the features of each of our products, and led us to make some small adjustments that we thought were necessary to gain more traction in the marketplace,” George Giannakodakis, PointData

“Working with Square Holes brings REDARC closer to our customers. Engaging in market research means we can better understand the needs of our customers and what drives them during the decision-making process” Anthony Kittel CEO Redarc

Multicultural growth

Our research for Lion Co focused on how young people living in Australia from across Asia, India, and the Middle East socialise and celebrate. This insight guided new product development, enhanced marketing strategies, and informed internal cultural diversity policies to foster growth. Change begins internally.

Pandemic hobby boom

Square Holes’ research for Cooper’s Home Brew analysed the intersection of the pandemic hobby boom, cost of living pressures, and evolving alcohol attitudes. This study aimed to deeply understand the drivers and barriers within diverse market segments.

“Initially it was based on measuring brand health, then a part of this evolved into developing a company-wide KPI” Fiona Krawczyk Haigh’s, client since 2015

Cordial trends

For Bickford’s 150th birthday, Square Holes helped explore new cordial and juice flavors, assessing unmet demands and reactions to international trends in Australia, aiding the iconic brand in celebrating its milestone with innovative offerings.

Growth in UK and US

Our research for leading consumer metal detector brand Minelab explored in parallel the UK and UK markets for consistencies, differences, the core traditional market and emerging and wider growth opportunities overlooked by the category.

“The information that we gathered really has made us think about how we are presenting our brand in market, as such, so we’ve used the information and the rebranding opportunity to do that in a much more specific way.” Professor Susan O’Neill Jones Radiology CEO

Data integrity

Square Holes maintains the highest standards in privacy and data protection, adhering to ISO 20252 and The Privacy (Market and Social Research) Code 2014. Our methodologies incorporate statistical models and representative sampling for reliable data analysis, supported by secure data storage solutions, especially crucial for our work with government and other high-security-demand organisations. This commitment guarantees that our research is not only effective but also meets ethical and legal requirements, enhancing decision-making processes.

How can we help you?

Each of Square Holes’ clients is unique. The best first step is an informal  discussion – phone or email us. How might research help you to optimise growth, innovation or other aspirations? We work with small to large organisations, and customise options to budget and other realities.

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