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“I prefer going to the shops. If I buy wine, I tend to buy that online. But that’s the only thing. I go to the local green grocer for my produce, and I don’t buy any green groceries from the supermarket. When I do go shopping, I always try to buy South Australian produce. Your Spring Gully, Maggie Beer. I think I’ll probably keep doing the same as I have been doing.”

– Square Holes Panel Member

How does Square Holes deal with an unprecedented disruptive pandemic? We dive deep and try to collect lots of research and data locally and globally, have even more conversations and spend time observing and making sense of it all.

In South Australia, Square Holes’ data includes a weekly longitudinal survey of our panel monitoring mind and mood, and other key topics such connectivity, mental, physical and financial health, and temporary and more habitual behaviour change. Square Holes also conducts a monthly representative survey of 400 South Australians above the age of 18 asking about spending shifts, economic and consumer confidence, mental health, behaviour change and other key topics.

What behaviours have South Australians changed during COVID-19?

Square Holes is conducting weekly explorative online focus groups with South Australians on the mind and mood, change in behaviours, and more. So far focus groups have been conducted with primary school students, high school students, teenagers, 20-29 year olds, 30-39 year olds, 40-49 year olds, 50-59 year olds, 60-69 year olds and 70+ year olds. Lots of great insight from our candid research participants.

You may also enjoy the following interviews exploring insights all things South Australia. Some of the business leaders and thinkers we have interviewed in South Australia include Dr Fiona Kerr to Driller Jet Armstrong, David Minear, Elaine Bensted and many more.

Join our panel

To participate in Square Holes’ mind and mood and other research, please join our panel.

Become a partner

Square Holes is seeking a small number of partners in the mind and mood research we have been conducting to help make sense of the impact on South Australians. Partners will receive (each month) …

  • Option of one exclusive question (only you will get results) in our monthly representative survey of 400 South Australians each month – e.g. brand awareness, likely to purchase product / service, product demand, behaviour etc. (Additional questions can be purchased)
  • Access to video recordings of hour long online focus groups with South Australians during the month in relation to how they are dealing with COVID-19, behaviour change, opportunities for business etc.
  • One-on-one consulting with you / your team as to what our research is illustrating and how this may impact your organisation. Jason Dunstone and the team will be available for 30-60 minute debrief.

Partners will also have input into research topics worth exploring, and what would help you / your enterprise make sense of it all.

To be a partner …

  • The cost per standard question is $550 (inclusive of GST, per month).  Further costs for more questions and more complex questions. Typically clients will ask 4-5 questions for around $2,000 to gain deeper insight into their category et cetera.

    Please contact Square Holes to discuss your insights needs. You may opt to do this monthly over this crazy time to gain understanding of trends, or single months. Closing date for inclusion as a partner is the second last Friday of the month.


Square Holes regularly presents on trends and insights our research team has been monitoring since 2004. Square Holes conducts ongoing mind and mood research, as well as other studies exploring cultural trends, behaviour change, market entry and growth and evidence based marketing. Please contact Square Holes to discuss opportunities.

What are South Australians most looking forward to post COVID-19?

Square Holes has been monitoring the mind and mood of South Australians for key government and commercial decision makers since 2004, and COVID-19 is certainly a fascinating time to explore. We have seen globally and locally the way we live and work shift, and making sense of how our behaviours may change more permanently and opportunities for leaders means these are very much exciting times indeed to reinvent and change the rules. There is no better path to a certain future in times of chaos than research like Square Holes is conducting. How can leaders create positive change?

Square Holes is viewing this crazy COVID-19 time, while uncomfortable and even stressful for many, as being a burning deck for change, and we are doing much research guiding the best way forward. It has been awe inspiring to monitor the adaptability of people and businesses to changes, and how many positives are coming from this. There are so many aspects of uncertainty, and research is likely the optimal way to make sense of it all in the coming months. This too shall pass, and we will all be stronger from it!

Please join us however you can.

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