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“We believe an awe inspiring future will come from deeply understanding real people, their stories, beliefs and behaviours.”

- Jason Dunstone, MD and Founder Square Holes

Square Holes conducts and publishes explorative research to understand key markets, customers and population segments.

Welcome to squareholes.com. A place we can connect and share our curiosity about the world and its people, and be inspired to make our society, brands, business and government better. Are you curious? Are you inspired? Well, so are we. Please join us!

Here we share our articles, podcast episodes et cetera from the Square Holes team and guests from Australia to Copenhagen, New York, London, Chicago, Washington DC, Finland, Los Angeles, UK and other global travellers. We’ve explored topics from entrepreneurship to innovation, keeping the child-like mind alive, culture, research, AI, robots (and humans acting like robots), branding, marketing and much more. All things human centred, society, customers and positive change.

October 2004 … LAUNCH!

Since launching from South Australia in late 2004 we’ve delivered robust inspiration to help make the world better.

Inspiration built on ISO 20252 certified substance (International ISO standard for market, social and opinion research).

Square Holes conducts and publishes customised explorative research on key markets, customers and population segments. We also provide associated consulting and support to ignite positive business and social behaviour change. This includes concept development and testing and monitoring of cultural trends, customer sentiment, brand health and marketing performance.

Topics have traversed education to enhancing recycling and the development of strategic interventions to minimise smoking prevalance, problem gambling, unsafe alcohol consumption, other health issues, road accidents and relationship abuse. Brand categories explored have included the multi-dimensional lives of people from the arts, to banking, chocolate, to x-rays, youth services and zoos.

How to reduce bad habits, evolve society, entice customers, enter new markets and prosper.


Go team

It takes a village to raise a child, and a team to grow a business. We are blessed to have a wonderful team of around 20 staff, yet many, many more have made a big or small contribution to our story. We started with a clever board and investors, and quickly built a solid client base, infrastructure and team. Our team are the best. Each with a superpower they are ever improving, but as a team POW!

Joy of cultural insight

What a fascinating time in history. Facebook was born just prior to Square Holes in 2004, and YouTube would follow in early 2005. The iPhone has emerged to fundamentally change how we communicate, and to be more addictive than methamphetamine. Recent years have found people stuck in a juxtaposition of positive and not so positive impacts of life in an increasingly technological and globally interconnected world. The world is full of more opportunity than ever, but for many an overwhelming sense of scary as mental health and other complexities continue to rise.

Square Holes has observed and measured the ever-changing world, our diverse cultures and evolving society.

Exploring the world

Square Holes’ research work has deeply explored Australians across life stages, from Adelaide to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and from Hobart to Darwin, Rockhampton to Narrogin. We’ve observed people in their homes, workplaces, to where they live and play. From our Indigenous populations, to Australia’s rich tapestry of different cultures and immigrants. Our research has explored the world from New Zealand to Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Africa, Europe and the US, ever seeking consistencies and distinguishing features of one place over another.

No matter how much our world turns, our cultural diversity thankfully remains.

Proud sponsor

Square Holes is proud to sponsor the arts, innovation and others making the world better. This includes decade plus long relationships with State Theatre Company South Australia and Adelaide Film Festival, and medium-term relationships with other partners. Square Holes has contributed sponsorships of more an $500,000, and such partnerships are now critical in our philosophical DNA. Such partnerships provide a level of fun and to allow us to be a small part of organisations making a big social contribution.

For example, since Square Holes became involved in the Adelaide Film Festival, the associated ADL Film Festival Fund has (at February 2018) commissioned 86 projects including 43+ feature films, 30+ short films and 13 cross platform projects and contributed to more than $120 million across the Australian Film Industry. State Theatre Company South Australia now travels performances interstate and overseas, including London and New Zealand. Since working with Zoos SA, they have launched and made significant progress in implementing their 20 year Master Plan, which provides the blueprint for transforming both Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Safari Park. This includes improved capacity to safeguard animal species both within zoo gates and beyond, and connect people with nature in an exciting and immersive environment.

Square Holes encourages its team to make a social contribution to causes and organisations they support. Jason Dunstone the Founder and Managing Director of Square Holes has been a Director on the Board of Patch Theatre since 2008 and a Trustee of the Awesome Foundation since 2017.

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