Andrew Killey – Music, Writing and Advertising

Andrew Killey joins us to tell his story of music, writing and advertising. Andrew is or was the ‘K’ in KWP! The hugely successful creative agency he initially founded in 1991 with Peter Withy, to rethink the traditional agency model and to put the creatives in more direct contact with clients.

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Andrew has now exited KWP and consults through ‘BrandA Agency’ and has and continues to hold numerous board positions. You can follow Andrew on Twitter via @KilleySA.

Andrew shares his story from growing up in Cronulla in Sydney, playing football and cricket, and surfing, as one of four boys. And, how his band was drawn to Adelaide South Australia by it’s reputation as a great live music scene.  The move then resulted in a chance junior role in advertising, and eventually an opportunity to combine his music and writing talents to create a successful jingle.

We discuss what makes a good agency, and a good client, building on Andrew’s time at the likes of George Patterson, Clemenger and BBDO in Australia and the US. And, how relationships are critical to strong and trusted client – agency relationships, and the powerful ideas this can create.

A fascinating discussion looking back and reflecting on the fundamentals that never change and the opportunities moving forward.

You can find Andrew via LinkedIn or Twitter

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