“Would they miss you?” Seth Godin

We were recently inspired by a question Seth Godin asks in his latest book ‘This is Marketing’  … 

“Would They Miss You If You Were Gone?”

A statement he has made previously, including in a short post ‘Noticed vs Missed‘ February, 2018.

From Seth’s perspective there are two choices …

Be loud, interrupt, be noticed, but potentially annoy and irritate;


Make consistent effort to contribute, to see possibility and be patient.

It’s nice to be curious ever asking questions.

Even if the answers seem scary.

We’ve had a weekly email blog since January 2017 and podcast since July. We haven’t missed a week in 102.

Yet we pondered …

“Would we be missed?”

So, this week we did the most simple ‘survey’ ever asking our email list ONE very simple question ‘Would you miss Square Holes if we were gone!?

What a BIG response! Thank you! With much relief most (84%) would miss us if we were gone – PHEW! A new KPI to revisit in 12 months.

Those 16% saying ‘NO!’ are a tad confronting, but the honesty is appreciated. They remind us of a post Jason wrote in 2017 Customers are NOT equaland another line used by Seth Godin “It’s not for everyone.”

As Seth states …

““It’s not for everyone”

“…but it might be for you.”

That’s a home run.

The stuff that’s for everyone, that’s easy to click, sniff, share, produce and learn–that stuff ends up having no character. It’s not memorable. Tater tots are for everyone.

But would you miss them if they were gone?

The goal isn’t to serve everyone. The goal is to serve the right people.”

Seth Godin

We look forward to building the ‘YES’ in 2019! 😀

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