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Today, Phil Reedman, Master of Wine joins us! Phil is a wine educator and consultant to wineries, importers and retailers in Australia, the UK, China and beyond, a wine show judge and Editor of Australian Wine Showcase Magazine.

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At the end of the interview Phil promised a list of awesome wine (etc) books…

  1. Australian Wine: Styles and tastes, people and places by Patrick Iland, Peter Gago, Andrew Caillard and Peter Dry.  Patrick Iland Wine Promotions 2017.  An excellent and comprehensive guide to the world of Australian wine.
  2. Oxford Companion to Wine.  Jancis Robinson. The complete reference book.  Not bedtime reading but when you want to check out an obscure detail this is where to begin.
  3. 101 Wine FAQs.  Simon Woods.  Woodswine 2017. A great introduction to wine, cleverly written by a great wine communicator.
  4. That Sh*t Will Never Sell.  David Gluckman.  The story of Bailey’s Irish Cream and other innovations in drinks.
  5. Thirsty Dragon, Suzanne Mustacich.  How and why China fell in love with wine.

This is one of my favourite episodes so far, mostly from the conversation about the world of wine, and partly because Phil came with a wonderful bottle 2014 Landaire Padthaway Chardonnay to share.

We discuss consumer, varietal and geographic trends and how one brand might differentiate from the 1,000s of others. We discuss wine from the UK, South Australia, France, and Portugal.

There are few tips along the journey for those keen to know about wine, and thought starters for those more immersed in wine professionally or personally.

We discuss where Phil’s career started, and his time with the likes of Tesco in the UK, as corks were replaced with screw caps and great customer support, and how Australian wine has dramatically improved its reputation over recent decades.

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