Australian made business REDARC Group stay on the cutting edge thanks to market research

A proud South Australian based business, REDARC Group has over 40 years’ experience in the design, development and manufacture of a range of 12- and 24V mobile power solutions.

In 2015, the company began working with Square Holes on a range of market research projects over the ensuing years, including identifying current and potential customers, the positioning of Hummingbird Electronics (a REDARC Group brand), product direction and packaging.

REDARC CEO and Managing Director, Anthony Kittel.

Anthony Kittel, REDARC CEO and Managing Director, says that the partnership with Square Holes has allowed the brand to get inside the minds of their customers – both current and potential.

“Working with Square Holes brings REDARC closer to our customers. Engaging in market research means we can better understand the needs of our customers and what drives them during the decision-making process,” says Kittel.

“Market research has helped REDARC provide justification and reassurance that we’re heading in the right direction through educated decisions.”

Along with providing stakeholders with solid research-backed pathways, Square Holes have also assisted REDARC in mapping shopping behaviour and preference shifts over time in order to guide future sales strategies.

In his role as CEO, Anthony says that market research is an exercise in using insights and data to help build on the future of the brand in a confident and bold way.

“The data collected by Square Holes is helping REDARC improve our existing products and develop our next generation solutions,” says Kittel.

“From the development of new products through the identification of market opportunities, to utilising our marketing and core values to better differentiate ourselves from our competitors, this data has helped enhance the way we communicate our brand and our products.”

One distinct way that Square Holes have assisted REDARC is with data that helps them to simplify their messaging to attract a broader audience of potential buyers.

“Our biggest challenge when communicating to consumers is distilling the technical features of our products down to their core benefits – what do they enable the customer to do? Market research allows us to better understand what our customers want, and then communicate to them with language that resonates,” says Kittel.

“This research has helped us understand areas of growth in our target markets which gives us guidance to better understand our customers’ requirements. This improved understanding means REDARC is better positioned to engage and impact our customers throughout their purchasing journey.”

Square Holes Founder and Managing Director, Jason Dunstone says that this is one of the exciting outcomes of the intentional and long-term use of market research – brands being able to make bold leaps with the backing of consumer supplied insights.

“We feel the real value of the work Square Holes does, is providing brands with the information and inspiration to evolve their service into bold and exciting territories, connecting with new markets and expanding their reach,” says Dunstone.

“We’ve really enjoyed collaborating with REDARC on a number of projects over the past 7 years to help strengthen both the REDARC Electronics and Hummingbird Electronics brands as REDARC Group continue to establish their name as a world-class manufacturer and supplier of advanced electronics.”

Celebrating 40 years in business in 2019, Anthony and the team at REDARC have their sights set firmly on the next 40 years – with the aim to remain agile and responsive to the evolving needs of their consumers both locally and internationally.

“After 43 years, REDARC understands one of the most valuable things a business can do is continually invest heavily in people and research and development to ensure we’re staying on the cutting edge of technology and product development,” says Kittel.

“Market research ensures this investment is targeted and successful.”

Square Holes offers customised research for leaders and innovators in local and global markets. For more information and to submit a quote please contact us for a no obligations chat.

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