Jones Radiology rebrand backed by the confidence of market research

Specialist radiology practice, Jones Radiology has partnered with Square Holes since 2014 to undertake a number of research projects to track brand awareness, market position, employee and customer satisfaction, and most recently, a brand refresh evaluation.

These research programs were commissioned to provide a benchmark for the practice, with a view to pinpoint the strengths and challenges currently faced by the company, along with a clear pathway forward.

Jones Radiology Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Professor Susan O’Neill says this research has acted as a guide in building a refreshed blueprint for the 98-year-old brand.

The practice was looking to refresh our strategy to reflect a new phase in their business. The work that had been done through Square Holes, provided me with a very comprehensive story of the past, present and the emerging trends which we need to be mindful of as we consider the future,” says Professor O’Neill.

One of the challenges that the research unearthed for the practice was a discord in the way the practice saw itself in the market compared to how they were viewed by the public.

“The information that we gathered really has made us think about how we are presenting our brand in market, as such, so we’ve used the information and the rebranding opportunity to do that in a much more specific way.”

Professor O’Neill added that the research findings allowed Jones Radiology to move forward with a plan backed by solid data over anecdotal understanding. “We’ve now built a new strategy that’s very focused on our specialisation in the diagnostic imaging market.”

Part of that strategy included a rebrand from Dr Jones & Partners to Jones Radiology in 2022, to mark this renewed focus on the specialisation of their offering.

“What’s positive about the rebranding is that it has simplified our profile and made it more contemporary and much stronger and more congruent with our strategy. So, for me, timing wise, being able to leverage the great work done in this space prior to my arrival, and then packaging it all into a new phase, new strategy, new look, and new ambition has been perfect,” says Professor O’Neill.

Professor O’Neill argues that this is what insightful market research can do for a business – provide an unbiased and raw look at where a company currently stands, and where they could be headed.

“Putting up the mirror to ourselves using external research has been incredibly valuable. If your organisation is mature enough to want to see the image as viewed from the other side the opportunity is there. I am proud that Jones Radiology wanted to see the image on the other side and obtain a clearer picture,” says Professor O’Neil.

It all feeds into an overall strategic outlook that Professor O’Neill is pushing for the practice, to disrupt and evolve before you are forced to.

“With an almost hundred-year-old company, we need to continually innovate and if required disrupt ourselves. The undertaking of this research with Square Holes was an important element of understanding where we were currently sitting, having a moment of truth and using it as a springboard to our new ambitions and plans,” says Professor O’Neill.

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