Suhit Anantula, Six Blind Men and the Elephant

Today we are joined by Suhit Anantula, impact strategist, designer and blogger at Suhit is Partner Business Models Inc, Industry Fellow at the University of South Australia and father to two young child.

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Suhit works across sectors such as families, child protection, domestic violence, ageing, arts and cultural sector, educational challenges, indigenous issues, digital technology, environment, food and nutrition. In today’s talk we go back to his boyhood growing up in India, with its 150 languages and wide cultural diversity, and how his fascination about the big wide world, and with a voracious love of reading the Hardy Boys and much more, has informed his ever curiosity with what makes people tick, and what is required to drive change. Suhit and I discuss cultural differences between India and Australia, that are likely holding the level of innovation and prosperity of Australia back. We travel down many interesting roads, pick up a few great books along the way, learn why Coding is as important as English, reflect on the trend towards businesses seeking social good and hear why writing is as important as reading in understanding the world and its people.

You can find Suhit via LinkedIn, Twitter or via his blog Humanomics.

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