Dr Fiona Kerr, Imagination & Human Connection

Dr Fiona Kerr shares her research and expertise including the neuroscience of human-to-human and human-to-technology interaction, neurogenesis, and how good leaders create organisations that flourish.

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Dr Kerr is Industry Professor, Neural and Systems Complexity, at the University of Adelaide. She builds on 30 years working and consulting in Australia, the US and Europe to corporate and government in relation to science and power of human connectivity, artificial intelligence and wider conversations.

We discuss what makes humans and robots distinctive, and how critical it is that humans retain their imagination, creativity and leaps of faith. And, how we need to spend more time switching off than being continuously wired online. It is so easy to outsource convenience and thinking, and even be a bit lazy. Are the humans becoming robots?

This is a fascinating discussion including the role of tech and data in understanding the lives of people, as well as the vital role of people thinking and reflecting to solve business and other complex problems.

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Look Into My Eyes | Fiona Kerr | TEDxNorthernSydneyInstitute
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