Barry Enderwick – How Netflix killed Blockbuster

Today we are joined by former Netflix marketer Barry Enderwick for a fascinating discussion about growth in uncertainty. Including the role of evidence-based insight in guiding the best way forward.

Barry and I sat down for coffee at the Hilton Sydney in a break in the annual Australian Market and Social Research Society Conference. Barry is a passionate advocate of the role of robust research in disruptive business, and critically asking the right questions that the incumbent often miss, and is unable to respond to.

We discuss Barry’s 11 years at Netflix while it scaled globally and disrupted large default competitors at the time. A fascinating discussion as to why cashed up establishment such as Blockbuster didn’t see the end approaching and why such businesses are slow to respond to the more hungry and agile innovators. A great story of strong leadership triumphing.

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Jason builds on his 25 years of conducting human-centred research, interviewing average and not so average people (rich, poor, old, young, content and vulnerable) to understand what they believe and how they behave.

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Real People is a podcast hosted by Jason Dunstone, the founder and managing director of Square Holes, 25 years conducting research and interviews with average and not so average people, as well as interviews with key leaders such as innovators, politicians, scientists and experts. He has have been lucky to meet such wonderful and intelligent people, and have such fascinating discussions, but these are often largely deciphered down to research findings, insightful quotes, statistics et cetera for reports. Real People opens up such conversations for people like you

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