You have to laugh

The best way to deal with a serious situation is to counterbalance with a laugh.

“A man walks into a bar and goes up to the bartender and says “I’ll have a Corona please, hold the virus”

The Top 10 Corona Virus Jokes

This is such a fascinating time in history, where our typically calm and even complacent world is tipped on its head. Unprecedented changes as we now officially are living through a global pandemic. Quite scary, and for many hard to take minds off, but this too shall pass. The chaos of late hopefully creates a burning deck to push the community and government to strive for change. A new decade, full of fresh starts and exciting new opportunities.

Over the past decade we have observed anxiety levels increasing, as people come to terms with an increasingly complex world. Much opportunity, but statistics such as Australia’s death by suicide and methamphetamine use illustrate a concerning trend. In our research over the past decade, parents worry about the declining jobs and the economic stability for their children. And, young people are keen to make a difference, but often feel a sense of despair as to the complexity ahead.

For many 2020 starting with continuing unprecidented bushfires and now the Coronavirus, the stress and uncertainty may be too much to bare, with no end defined.

Yet, it is important to go on with a smile.

It will be interesting to see how our society may change as a result of such a massive shock to our system. How will our economy evolve in the coming decade! How will our behaviours and spending patterns change? One spending shift we may observe is an increasing demand for joy to counterbalance the chaos and gloom. Seeking levity in a time of worry and fear.

Our movie watching has changed significantly over the past 25 years. Comedy’s market share was 20% and Rom Com 5% in 1995. At the end of 2019 now both have dropped to 7% and 1% respectively, as our preferences have shifted to Adventure (35% share 2019); Action (26% share); and Thriller / suspense (11%). Horror has also risen in popularity since 1995, now with the same market share as Comedy (7%). (More >)

Back 1995 to 2005 the world loved a good comedy. Our top grossing movies since 1995 have come from this period – Meet the Fockers (2004 – Gross $279B US); Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999 – Gross $206M US); Bruce Almighty (2003 – Gross $242M US); and Liar Liar (1997 – Gross $181M US).

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me clip (1999)

There have been more comedy movies made than adventure and action combined 1995 to 2020, yet only a third of the combined revenue. There is a significant consumer preference shift towards adventure and action, and other genres.

Is the audience preference towards more heart pumping away from belly laughs indication of our world, and a need to live a vicarious action packed life? Or, that the Internet provides sufficient laughter to sustain us, through cat videos, memes, giphy and other digital whimsy?

It's TIME for SUPER LAUGH! - Best FUNNY CAT videos

Some of the best comedy, funnest people, and biggest laughs come from tragedy.

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger.
Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die”

To Be or Not To Be: Mel Brooks - Hitler Rap (1983)

Governments and health organisations are responding with caution and typically clear evolving communication. Constant health messages on the current state of play. In times of fear and panic, authorities are doing their best to encourage calm. The World Health Organisation has recommended in dealing with the stress of COVID-19 …

One of the best ways to find calmness and joy is a funny, even stupid movie. In times of calm and even complacency, a bit of action and adventure may be just what is needed to add a bit of excitement to life. In times of chaos and fear, perhaps a few laughs might be best. 🙂

Taking this wider, how can business big and small provide support? To provide their staff and customers with a sense of precaution and safety, as well as opportunities for some joy and levity. Critical in keeping our mental health and stress levels on balance. This may be a good time for businesses to inject a bit more joy into the increasingly robotic and even boring interactions. Economies survive and hopefully prosper with emotional strength and confidence, not fear and uncertainty. Businesses may be able to provide a level of emotional insulation from the chaos and fear in the world. These are indeed serious times, but it is important we do not let it beat us individually and collectively.

Please keep smiling, share joy, be kind and have a laugh as much as possible.

There has never been a better time for a bit of joyful innovation.

“With all this talk of Corona Virus, the people who make sanitising gel are rubbing their hands together.”

“Don’t worry, the Corona Virus won’t last long… It was made in China.”

“Definition of Irony – When the Year Of The Rat starts with a plague.”

“Ok, so if the Corona Virus isn’t about beer…
why do I keep hearing about cases of it?”

The Top 10 Corona Virus Jokes

Ps. Wonderful example of joy in the tragedy of COVID-19. I’m predicting many more to come. Please email me if you find any!

Coronavirus: quarantined Italians sing from balconies to lift spirits

Have a happy day!

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