Real People: Hugo

A part of Square Holes recent brand update included a renewed focus on our company’s ethos through the introduction of our tagline, ‘Deeply understanding real people’.

We believe that meaningful change can only come from understanding people and culture. And one of the ways we have decided to illustrate that on our new website is through the introduction of our ‘Real People’ photographic series. Square Holes engaged local photographer Thomas McCammon to go out into the community and photograph individuals and locales, while learning about their stories.

Thomas recently travelled overseas to Italy, Spain, France and Greece where he took to the streets to meet with locals to provide a snapshot of their lives. What follows is a small insight for our clients and readers into the ‘real people’ driving change.

Photo by Thomas McCammon.

Name: Hugo
Location: Paris, France
Age: 20

What is something that made you feel joy recently?
We saw Twombly paintings over there and it was wonderful.

What is your pet peeve?
Lack of bravery.

What do you love about living in your city?
The benches. It’s a city where you are invited constantly to sit and take a
look around.

What are you passionate about?
Being careful… what’s around me and towards others.

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