Dr Phillip Alvelda, The Robots are Becoming Human

Dr Phillip Alvelda, artificial intelligence innovator, technologist and educator, joins us from Washington DC. We joined Dr Alvelda during Hybrid World Adelaide, just after his mind boggling 60 minute deep dive into Artificial Intelligence.

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Please stay tuned following my interview with Dr Alvelda in today’s episode for a fascinating 20 minute slice of his talk about the amazing world of AI.

Dr. Alvelda is the founding CEO of, a U.S. based developer of anthropomorphic AI and machine learning tools, digital twins, and synthetic personalities.

We discussed Dr Alvelda’s start as a funny Argentinian kid, inspired by man first landing on the moon, and seeded by a childhood of microscopes, models of computers, electronics kits, a Lego obsession, and not getting discouraged by how science was taught at his school. This ignited an positive university experience and love of experimentation, and a career driving technological discovery, including travelling through AI winters and more buoyant times, as the support and technology started to catch up with the dream.

Dr Alvelda has worked in areas from incorporating technology into our brains to communicate with each other, to developing AI to be more human, understanding context and learning from memories. How do we allow robots to be more human? And, from the work Dr Alvelda and his associates are doing the question is not if but when!

You can find Phillip vi Twitter, or LinkedIn

Dr. Phillip Alvelda at Hybrid World Adelaide

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