Teena Munn and Geoff Cobham – Not growing up boring

We are joined by Teena Munn and Geoff Cobham to discuss all things not growing up boring, innovation, why the Arts matters so much to children and adults and a whole lot more. Teena and Geoff recently joined Patch Theatre as Producer and Artistic Director. Jason has been a director on the Board of Patch Theatre for 10 years, so this interview is particularly close to his heart and passion.

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Patch Theatre has been creating high quality theatre for 4-8 year olds since 1972, and in that time has presented to around 2 million children and their parents in Australia and across the world including US, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Patch is very much motivated by the transformational power of curiosity and imagination, in our children which hopefully remains into adulthood.

We go on a fabulous journey into what Teena and Geoff were like as children, to some tips and tricks to keep the child like mind alive well into adulthood.

You can find Patch Theatre – here!

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