André Eikmeier – Tribes and Business for Good

André and Jason softened into the couches upstairs at Square Holes HQ and pontificate about all things belonging, business for good and growing tribes. And, why some businesses do bad, often when they forget where it all began and the goodness in their DND.

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André is Founder of Cult Tribal an agency he recently launched to help brands unite tribes. Go to for more. As it says on the website “By connecting with purpose, by standing for something, something that people want to be a part of. Because we all have a need to feel like we belong.”

This is a wonderful discussion going way back to André’s childhood of feeling uncomfortably different and how his entrepreneurial journey including co-founding and leading wine Tribe vinomofo inspired an epiphany at 2am a couple years ago to guide his next exciting phase.

We go deep into what it takes to find your personal and business purpose. And why some businesses go bad even with the best intentions, yet it is never too late to choose to be good.

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