David Minear – Creativity, Surf Music, Wine and Fringe Arts

Today we are joined by David Minear!

If you love the idea of living an eclectic life of creativity, surf music, wine and fringe arts, well strap yourself in for David’s story. His own wine brand 2 Mates, surf music label Bombora and much more.

Starting out as a kid with parents running a drive in and a home adjoining it, David’s life was seeded early on with the importance of the Arts and living a life embedded with creativity.

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On telling his typically cool and calm dad of his plans to quit uni and go into advertising the mood changed – “don’t do it!” An interesting response considering David’s father was ad adman. And, clearly advertising is in the family’s DNA with David’s son continuing the trade.

David has an impressively simple LinkedIn profile noting ‘Independent Entertainment Professional’ and one previous job ‘General Ratbag – Young And Rubicam 1977-2003.’

Yes, there is much between the lines. David has held senior executive, leadership board and chair roles in advertising, many commercial enterprises and the Adelaide Fringe.

David has been the Chair of the Adelaide Fringe Festival since 2014, the world’s second largest open access arts festival only to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The festival largely takes over Adelaide, and even some regional South Australia for 31 magical days and nights each year February to March.

A chat choker block with insight from the role of the arts in building a strong culture to living a life of creativity, imagination and grabbing opportunities and spotting a good idea.

You can find David via LinkedIn.

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