Dr Jana Matthews – Business Growth and Leadership

Today we are joined by Dr Jana Matthews, Director and Professor at the Australian Centre for Business Grow that the University of South Australia. Since launching in 2014 the Centre has worked with more than 400 Australian companies to help accelerate their growth and improve performance,with impressive results.

Our story today starts back at a young Jana growing up in small town USA loving reading and curious about the much, much wider world, then going on to study at the University of London and Yale University and completing her doctorate at Harvard. Jana has written eight books, published in 17 languages. In 2018, Forbes listed her book Leading at the Speed of Growth at the top of the CEO reading list for technology entrepreneurs. In Australia in 2018 Jana was listed in the Australian Financial Review as one of ‘100 women of influence’ in Australia. Having served on seven boards and five companies of her own, she has much wisdom to share.

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You can find Jana via the Australian Centre for Business Growth at UniSA

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